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How to Use

How do I use this?

This brush was designed for multitasking. Dip it in your favorite lip product and use the precision point to line your lips. Use the flat end to fill in lip color. Need precision and fill for other makeup products? The sky's the limit - this brush plays nicely with cream and powder products.

What's different about this?

The answer to perfectly defined lips. This brush was engineered for precision and full coverage to help you create the perfect pout. Plus it's vegan and cruelty free for glam without the guilt.

Tips to Undo it_

Use the tip for a defined lip line, flip and use the flat side for full lip coverage.

#UndoExpected with us_

Ultra-wearable formulas designed to make it easy, with less. Unretouched models - always. 

Luxury quality products and handmade tools starting at 7 bucks.

Formulated with effective natural ingredients for your skin and lashes. Vegan-friendly + cruelty-free.