This Under-the-Radar Brand..will be your New Minimalist Obsession.

As much as I would love a medicine cabinet full of fuss-free beauty products toting Helvetica-branded labels, I am a more-is-more kind of lady. My attempts at taking classy, minimalist #shelfies leave me looking like I'm auditioning for an episode of Hoarders: Beauty Edition.

Until last week, I thought I had resigned myself to a life full of over-the-top makeup packaging. Then POPSUGAR's senior beauty editor left a clear plastic bag full of humble-looking blushes, lipsticks, highlighters, and mascaras — all under $10 — on my desk. Now, I'm reevaluating things.

The inconspicuous bundle contained samples from Undone Beauty, a new brand that's available on Amazon. I only used the cruelty-free products for a weekend, but I'm already fending off friends who are trying to snatch the products from under my nose. Keep reading to discover your next (affordable) beauty obsession.