Giving Back with Project HEAL

Undo Ungiving with Project HEAL
We have partnered with Project HEAL, the largest U.S. nonprofit delivering treatment grants, and insurance navigation support to people suffering from eating disorders. To celebrate this new partnership, we donate 1% of all profits from March (following National Eating Disorders Awareness Week) and September. We also chose the 'Dahlia' shade from our top-selling Lip-to-Cheek Cream Palette, from which 100% of the profits will go to supporting Project HEAL. Together we will work to nurture and heal those struggling with eating disorders.
What is Project HEAL’s purpose?

Of the 30 million Americans with eating disorders, only 20% ever receive treatment. The other 80% do not receive treatment due to: stigma, misconceptions, lack of education, misdiagnosis, and lack of access to care. Whereas other eating disorder nonprofits focus on removing stigma and community education, Project HEAL specifically focuses on providing access to care and diagnosis.

Project HEAL breaks down systemic, insurance, and financial barriers to eating disorder treatment and exists to create equitable access to treatment regardless of race, gender, age, body shape and size, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.
Who does Project HEAL serve?
The individuals that reach out to Project HEAL for help do so because they are experiencing barriers to treatment access. They reach out as a last resort to access the life-saving care they need, which has been repeatedly denied.
Why Project HEAL and Undone?
At Undone Beauty, we believe beauty isn't skin deep. The Undone beauty woman is beautiful on the inside and out. We celebrate, rather than hide, a woman's natural features. Our beauty beliefs are what led us to find Project HEAL. We want to undo the pressures to look a certain way. Undo perfectionist culture and better understand the struggles of real women, especially if those struggles aren't seen. Our new partner, Project HEAL, helps to combat those pressures. Project HEAL helps people who are excluded from and harmed by the dominant (and false) narrative: that eating disorders are just a rich, young, thin, white girl problem. Eating disorders can affect anyone.
To learn more about Project HEAL, visit their website here.