Minimal Halloween Looks
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As the days creep nearer to All Hallows’ Eve, it’s time to nail down your spooky (and sexy) costumes before the full moon rolls in. But oftentimes, ghoulish inspiration can be hard to come by. Though, fear not, your minimalist Halloween witches are here to conjure up three Halloween makeup looks that come straight from your beauty bag and are sure to please. 
Yes, by day your beauty bag works for you to enhance your natural beauty, but by night, a terrifying transformation can happen as you unleash the creative devil inside of you. What you’ll find inside our ultimate Halloween makeup kit is a multicolored eye palette, a cream eye palette with liner, a deep lipstick and a perfectly-shaped cat-eye brush for all the detailing. Now, it’s up to you how to use your kit, for good or evil.
As for the looks, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with exploring the costume classics this spooky season, especially if they make all the ghouls and goblins turn their heads. Our minimal favorites are Miss Kitty Cat (think sexy purr-fect cat-eyes), the Hollywood movie star (think Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s), and the Wild Mermaid (Glittery, shimmery skin). 

LOOK 1: Miss Kitty Cat

Halloween Cat Makeup minimal makeup

This look is fur real easy and is perhaps the most minimalist Halloween look possible. We are sure that if you look in your beauty bag right meow, you have all that you need to create this simple cat look, no kitten. But if you don’t, we like to recommend getting our 3-in-1 Cream Eye Palette, which has your shadow, highlighter and liner all-in-one. 
Start with a clean, moisturized, bare face. Harmonize your skin by blending our Unfoundation Sheer Coverage Glow tint using your fingertips. Then add a few dabs of the medium opacity concealer in Pink Petal Light under the eyes and around the nose to create a dewy base for the rest of the look. 
For the eyes, whip out your One Touch Cat-eye Brush and the Smoulder 3-in-1 Eye Cream Palette to draw on the purr-fect cat-eye in a single stroke. It really hugs your eye with its angled tip. Flip it on its side to then create a smokey eyelid. We used the darkest shade of the soul palette to create a dark, blended eye look from one corner to the other of the eye.  Line the smokey eyes with the highlighter to help increase the contrast, especially around the inner corners of the eye. 
Next, forget the clumpy mascara and go with our Laze Lash Glaze Mascara that separates and conditions each eyelash as you gain natural-looking volume. Finishing touches will complete this paw-some look: three whiskers along the cheek and a cute black button nose. By wetting the top of the One Touch eye powder brush and using the darkest shade of the soul palette (black) we created sharp black defined lines for the whiskers and the cute black blended cat nose effect.

LOOK 2: Hollywood Movie Star

minimal halloween cat makeup looks

Let your inner Audrey Hepburn out this Halloween with this simple Hollywood look. Make sure you have that little black dress handy and a few accessories like a tiara and pearl necklace because the rest of the look is all about glamorizing your face and features.
Audrey would never leave the house in anything less than a flawless face, but why we love her is because she is so effortlessly put together. To follow her style, start with that clean, hydrated bare face and lightly apply foundation. We used shade porcelain light on Tabitha. Apply a few dabs of the Porcelain light concealer to create a beautiful dewy base for the rest of the look.  
Grab the Soul curator when working the eyes, it’s a wet to dry palette that does it all. Start by blending the 3 shades to the left of the palette to create a subtle pearly hue on the lids and inner corners of the eyes. Dust on a dab of the lightest shade from our Nonzer further down the eye for a shimmering highlight with our Apply and Blend brush. Borrow the cat-eye from the previous look but make the wings more defined and apply a line to the bottom of the waterline using the tip of the Cat-eye brush. The secret, though, lies in the lips to bring out that Hollywood smile of yours. Try using our Light on Lip Royal Red with light-reflecting pigments to add a shine to your lips. 

LOOK 3: Wild Mermaid

minimal halloween makeup Mermaid Makeup looks

Seas the day and night with this shimmery mermaid look that is easier than you think to create. We really want to make your skin shine like it’s under-the-sea so break out the highlighting cream from our 3-in-1 Eye Cream Palette to accentuate your features and give them a little glittery pop.
Ariel was fortunate enough to live in the water, so her face was almost always clean, bare and hydrated. But us land-dwellers will have to do the preparation by hand. (Is there such a thing as mermaid makeup?) As usual, lightly apply your favorite Unfoundation and concealer as the base. We used shade Cacao Dark on Candace. Swoop up that 3-in-1 Lip to Cheek and apply the Blazen palette in medium opacity. Apply the Berry shade with our lip brush at the center of the lips and press them together to move the color out but not all the way to the edges. Then choose a bold and bright color to apply to the eyelids from our Nonzer palette. Then use our curator eye palette to find the right tone for your face and eye color (those colors we are talking about are on the right side of the palette, see here). Pick up your highlighter brush and hit the cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow and inner corner of your eyes. Brush on a complementary color to your eyeshadow on your cheeks and above the eyebrows to add an iridescent mermaid-like shimmer.
You’ll be stunning in these simple, affordable and creative minimal Halloween looks. So, whether you choose to be meow-tastic, mer-mazing or just plain fabulous be safe and have fun!
– Undone Beauty 


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