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It doesn’t take a stroke of genius to understand that when it comes to makeup, the application is as important as what you’re applying. Let’s imagine you’ve found your perfect color, the right skin tone match, and the ideal combinations to reveal your natural beauty. Now when it comes to achieving that perfectly balanced and blended stroke, it’s, at times, a trying experience that can cost you a redo. Where you start and what tools you have at your disposal can make a world of difference, which is why we’re going to share minimalist brush tips for enhancing your most appealing natural features. 
vegan makeup brushes
Multi-tasking brushes can be affordable brushes
For starters, assembling the best makeup brush set doesn’t require a big investment. In fact, because many of the ones we love serve multiple purposes and range in capability from high detail to an all-over blender, they actually save you money while still being affordable. That said, whether you like to highlight and contour your facial features or go for the smokey eyes with cat-eye finishes, it’s important that you know what look you want to achieve and use brushes that will complement your beauty routine day in and day out.
Explore vegan options
Next, because we all should be good and conscientious shoppers, we believe that the tools we use should not be harmful to the environment nor be animal-derived. We’re talking about vegan and cruelty-free makeup brushes.
We know that some brands out there tout the advantages of natural bristles for their durability and pickup power but with today’s technology, synthetic bristles have comparable lifespans and other more significant advantages. Man-made brushes don’t have a cuticle, which makes them ideal to work with cream-based products like concealers and foundations because they won’t trap the product.
Synthetic bristles tend to stick together which makes them perfect for precision work. Lastly, synthetic brushes deliver consistent strokes and can be fully customizable to achieve the perfectly shaped hand-made brushes that we love.
vegan and cruelty free minimal makeup brushes
LESSON 1: Get a grip on it.
Size does matter when it comes to using an all-over applicator on your face and body. In order to achieve that perfect blend across your face, neck, and chest, a broader brush will make all the difference. With our Seamless Palm Brush, your highlights and contours will blend seamlessly and your skin will look super smooth. What we love most is the soft, luxurious fibers that gently caress our skin, plus its unique ergonomic shape allows you to get in all those hard to blend areas around the neckline. 

LESSON 2: Let your brush take shape.
Speaking of hard to reach areas, everybody’s face is a unique playing ground and often requires the use of sponges and brushes to achieve that flawless effect. At Undone, we love to simplify not only our lives but also our beauty toolbox so that’s why we created a curve-loving, easy-to-use multi-use brush that does the work of both sponge and brush in a mid-sized format. It’s perfect for both cream and powder-based products. Plus, the angled shape of our Apply and Blend Face and Body Brush adapts to every corner of your face. 
vegan makeup brushes

LESSON 3: Make magic happen.
When it comes to that cat-eye, we basically invented the brush that will do the job for you in a simple stroke. With its angled, winged tip, the Cat-Eye Powder and Liner Brush hugs the lash perfectly as you apply. We are certain that you will feel like a professional makeup magician. From delivering precision eye shadow to smokey blending, to defining your lash line, we stand behind this brush... or should we say, magic wand?

LESSON 4: Use makeup brushes that do more.
As for the lips, our goals are symmetry, fullness, and moisture. So, having a brush that can precisely line your lips while being able to fill and blend is a dream come true. Our Lip Liner Brush is designed with a precision point that targets your lip line but also has a flat side that can complete your look. Here’s how we use it. Start by outlining your lips (on the lip line, not above it!) with the precision point using a tone that is one shade darker than your natural lip color. Then use the flat side to brush on your desired lip shade and blend with the liner. You’ll see your lips will look more naturally enhanced and feel fuller. 
LESSON 5: It’s all in the details.
Every woman’s personal touch comes across in the personalization of their makeup and how your brushes serve you is as important as what you put on your face. Ideally, we want you to reveal your natural beauty in your eyes, cheeks, and lips, but there are times when bolder looks that pop will enhance your natural features. Don’t overthink it because we love to remind you that effect is more powerful than perfection but it doesn’t hurt to have a brush that will take away the stress of mistakes. 
Truthfully, we like to keep things simple and effective with our brushes as much as our makeup products. So, keep exploring and don’t hesitate to check back for some new beauty tips coming real soon. 
– Undone Beauty


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