Monday April 20, 2020

How to achieve a natural makeup look in 10 minutes

The no-makeup look is here to stay so brush up on the basics.

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Our minimalist go-to look has been rebranded by makeup artists and beauty journalists for a long time now. But whether they call it nude makeup, barely-there makeup, natural-looking makeup, or no-makeup makeup, it’s all about the same thing: the art of revealing and enhancing the real you with minimal effort and maximum beauty. Truthfully, it’s been a part of the Undone Beauty philosophy from the start. We feature only natural, unretouched women in all of our communication and we celebrate your naturalness and strive to enhance all your features, from your jawline to that dimple on your chin. So, as your minimalist guru, we wanted to share our minimal makeup tips that you can pull off in under 10 minutes to seize the day and be who you truly are.

Before we start, let’s cover the basics of what the natural makeup look really means because it’s more than just what you wear on your face and how you put it on. Going nude or no makeup is also caring for your skin by using products and makeup that are better for you, protects you more from the elements and offers you a clear conscience. What we mean is that natural beauty products are essentially better for the environment and don’t use harsh ingredients; most clean products avoid synthetic preservatives, artificial colorants or fragrances, and heavy metals. Natural makeup is also a look that is designed to work with your skin tone, give you a natural dewy glow, and blend seamlessly into your face. We like to think of it as an affirmation of female empowerment and beauty all rolled into one. 

And now more than ever, as we adapt to a new normal, we can offer ourselves a chance to practice on giving our natural beauty a boost with these looks without overdoing it. Especially since the work-from-home model has taken over and video calls have replaced in-person meetings, quick and light makeup will be your go-to day in and day out until things go back to the way they were. 

To achieve this ultimate YOU look, all you really need are 6 key makeup products:

  1. Underneath it all is Unfoundation

vegan cruelty free makeup

Great skin starts with an excellent daily skincare routine, so first and foremost, clean and hydrate your skin generously, morning and night. After that, get familiar with our fan fav Unfoundation because it offers the trifecta for achieving your natural look.

Foundation that feels like a moisturizer: With a new, light coverage formula, our Unfoundation reflects light to blur imperfection and enhances your face shape, cheeks and jawline. Infused with coconut extract that actually hydrates your skin, you’ll get that non-greasy, dewy, natural glow and finish right from the start.

Shades right for you: To achieve a natural look, your foundation shade should never be more than a half tone up or down. Too often we go too light or too dark or, even too yellow. We’ve eliminated the guessing with our very own shade finder. Click here to find your shade.

Skin that shows through foundation: It’s so important to even out and freshen your natural skin tone, but not to cover up or flatten out the parts of your face that make you look like you. All of your angel kisses, freckles, dark spots and, yes, dark circles can be softened but never totally erased. 

  1. Use this concealer daily

natural looking makeup

When it comes to a good concealer, it’s best to know how to dial it up or down based on those need-to-conceal areas. The most important part of achieving that no-makeup look is to cover up your spots and darker areas with the right kind of concealer. In fact, some areas of the face need a thicker formula like under the eye or blemishes and even around the nose, while other parts of your face may need only a light coverage like the middle of your forehead or cheeks. With our concealer, we’ve got you covered with 3 different formulas in one compact. What you’ll get is evenness and uniformity in your skin tone.

  1. Natural-looking YOU, only better!

no makup makeup look

Reshaping, covering up and layering each has a time and a place in your makeup routine. In fact, we’re not telling you to stop what you’re already doing-especially if it makes you feel good and beautiful at the same time. 

But when it comes to a barely-there look, focus on enhancing your features and nothing else. You want to give people the impression that you just got back from a 2-month long sabbatical in paradise, where sleep was plenty, the sun was sunny and your diet consisted of fruit that was picked ripe from the organic plant it grew on… So to do so and while staying in reality, you’re going to need these natural-enhancing products: 

Bronzer + Bronzer: We created two bronzer essentials that can be used together or separately to achieve a natural, sun-kissed look. The first is our innovative Water Bronzer that provides definition and depth to your face and body as you roll it on. That dewy-glow never felt so, well, dewy! Being water-based and infused with coconut extract, this bronzer hydrates. Combined with our powder bronzer you can highlight and contour all your other proud features. 

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Laze Lash Glaze: Undo those artificially long lashes and opt for a defined lash line that enhances and matches your own lash color. This mascara creates a light shine and adds volume to your lashes so that they look healthier and fuller but never overdone. Choosing the right color for your lashes is also part of the trick. Think about going only a few shades darker than your hair color; blondes, stick with the brown and brunettes go for the black.

Lip to Cheek Palette: Because your flush cheeks matching the color of your lips is a magical way to turn on the glow and NOT look like you’re even wearing any makeup. 

Stay connected to the real you and embrace this opportunity to rediscover your natural and beautiful features as we brave the next chapter in our minimalist journey together.

– Undone Beauty

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