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Makeup artists and beauty journalists rebranded our signature minimalistic, natural makeup look. But whether they call it nude makeup, natural-looking makeup, or no-makeup makeup, the foundation is the same.



A minimalistic makeup is about enhancing your fabulous features with minimal effort. Your natural beauty is in the spotlight. And that’s one of our values at Undone Beaty. 

You only see natural, unretouched women in all of our communication. We don’t set unrealistic beauty expectations. We celebrate your natural features, from your jawline to the cute dimple on your chin. 

So, as your minimalist guru, we wanted to share with you our natural makeup look tips. Pulling off this makeup look takes less than 10 minutes— and gives you major benefits. 

What is a Natural Makeup Look? 

Before we start, let’s cover the basics of what a natural makeup look is. 

A minimalist, natural makeup look aims to enhance your natural beauty and highlight your features— not hide them. And when you use clean, natural makeup products, you also protect your skin and the environment. 

Clean beauty brands are better for the environment because they don’t use harsh ingredients.  They avoid synthetic ingredients, artificial fragrances, and heavy metals— which is also better for your skin!

A natural makeup look aims to give you a natural dewy glow and blend seamlessly into your face. It’s an affirmation of female empowerment and beauty all rolled into one. 

And now more than ever, as you adapt to a new normal, it’s the perfect time to practice your natural makeup look— and give yourself a beauty-boost. 

The new work-from-home model is here to stay and video calls have quickly replaced in-person meetings. A natural, light makeup will be your go-to day in and day out until things go back to normal. And you’ll learn to achieve that look right here. 

To Craft a Minimalistic Natural Makeup Look You Need:

With Undone Beauty, an overflowing makeup bag is a thing of the past. We help you look your best with less. With our multitasking, long-wear products, you get an effortless look that enhances your natural beauty. 

Now, learn how to apply your makeup like a pro with our products: 

1. The First Step is Un-Foundation

    vegan cruelty free makeup

    Great skin starts with a great skincare routine. To achieve the ultimate natural makeup look, start by cleaning and hydrating your skin. Then, get excited about our cult-classic Unfoundation. Our top-selling foundation gives you the trifecta for achieving your natural makeup look:

    With our Unfoundation you get makeup + moisturizer. Our new light coverage formula reflects light to blur imperfections and enhances the shape of your face. Infused with highly-hydrating coconut extract, you get a non-greasy, dewy glow you’ll love. 

    Shades perfectly matching your skin tone. To achieve a perfect natural makeup look, never use a foundation that’s more than half a tone up or down. Avoid going too dark, too light, or too yellow. Luckily, we came up with our very own shade finder, to ensure you choose the right tone for your foundation. 

    Find your ideal shade here. 

    A foundation highlighting your features, not hiding them. With our foundation, you even out your natural skin tone without hiding your unique features. The ones making you who you are. With our foundation, you get to show off those freckles and angle kisses enhancing your natural beauty.

    2. Next Comes The Concealer

      natural looking makeup

      When it comes to a good concealer, you must to know your need-to-conceal areas. To achieve the perfect no-makeup look, you need to apply concealer in strategic parts of your face.

      Some areas of your face need a thicker formula like under the eye, on blemishes, and around the nose. Other parts of your face only a light coverage like the middle of your forehead or cheeks. 

      With our concealer, we’ve got you covered with 3 different formulas in one compact multi-tasking product. This allows you to apply the right formula where you need it most, giving you evenness and a natural look in your skin. Try our fan-favorite concealer here

      3. The Final Touches on Your Natural Makeup Look

        no makup makeup look

        To finish off your natural makeup look, you need three basics. Weather you are going for a natural look, or a glam makeup, these products are a must-have in any makeup bag. 

        But when it comes to a nude look, your main focus should be on enhancing your fabulous features. 

        With this look, you want to give people the impression that you’re getting back from a 2-month long sabbatical in paradise. A vacation where sleep was plenty, the sun was shinning, and your diet was organic hand-picked fruit. 

        So to do so— while staying in reality— you’re going to need these natural-enhancing products: 

        Lip to Cheek Palette

        One of the most important steps for a natural makeup is blush. Matching your flush cheeks with the color of your lips is a perfect way to level-up your makeup. And of course, to look like you’re not even wearing any makeup. 

        Bronzer + Bronzer 

        To give you a perfect natural, sun-kissed look, we created two bronzer essentials. Use them together or separated— it’s up to you. 

        The first one is our innovative Water Bronzer, providing definition and depth to your face and body as you roll it on. That dewy-glow never felt so good. And because this bronzer it’s water-based and infused with coconut extract, it also hydrates your skin. 

        Our second must-have is a powder bronzer. Combined with our water-bronzer, you get to highlight and contour all your beautiful features— giving you the perfect amount of glow.

        Laze Lash Glaze

        minimal makeup

        Undo the artificially long lashes and opt for a defined lash line that enhances and matches your lash color. This mascara creates a sheen look and adds volume to your lashes making them look healthier and fuller—  but never overdone. 

        Choosing the right color for your lashes is also a key part of the trick. Think about going only a few shades darker than your hair color. Blondes, stick with the brown and brunettes go for the black.

        Your lashes are the cherry on top of a perfect natural makeup look. 

        Stay connected to rediscover your beautiful features as we brave the next chapter in our minimalist journey together. 

        – Undone Beauty


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