The chilly weather is setting in and the summer tan is fading away… already feeling like you need a beach vacay to get it back? Worry no more— we got you! 

In this tutorial, we’ll share with you a step-by-step guide to achieve a sun-kissed tan— even in the winter. You’ll also learn how to contour with bronzer for a perfect everyday look. 

Applying bronzer shouldn’t be a daunting experience you dread. A good bronzer plus some contour skills is a game-changer for your everyday makeup. And with our multitasking water-based bronzer, a natural, dewy glow is easier than ever. 

Woman with bronzed face using Undone Beauty Water Bronzer.

To achieve this minimalistic look you’ll need our water-based bronzer + contouring stick. This single multitasking product has major benefits:

  • Made with coconut water. This skin-nurturing ingredient serves as both makeup and skincare. You get a dewy, natural look while hydrating your skin. 
  • It’s ultra-wearable and easy to blend. Undo a streaky, fake-looking tan— the innovative water-based technology makes our bronzer blend seamlessly into your skin— giving you a natural-looking tan. 
  • Made with clean, natural ingredients. Like all of our products, this multi-tasking bronzer stick is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free. And of course, you get a bronzer + contouring stick… all in one product. 

Undone Beauty multitasking Water Bronzer stick.

Undone Beauty Water Bronzer vegan and cruelty-free bronzing stick.

Contour 101: Where to Apply Bronzer to Contour Your Face 

If you’re wondering where bronzer should go on your face, you came to the right place. 

To achieve a perfect contour using bronzer, knowing the unique features of your face is key. With these simple tips, you’ll learn how to apply bronzer, plus they’ll help you excel on your contour every time.

First, feel the bones on your face. Notice your cheekbones and brow bone. A perfect contour should be underneath the bones of your face, to give you a defined, natural-looking makeup look. 

How to contour your face with bronzer.

To sculpt your cheeks, feel your cheekbones and contour underneath them— where the hollow part of your cheeks is. 

For your forehead, contour the corner of your temples— starting at the end of your brow or from your brow bone. Aim to shade as close to your hairline as possible and don’t apply all over your forehead. Keep the contour only on each side of your temples. 

Imagine you’re drawing the number 3 on your face. Starting at your forehead, scooping down  under your cheekbone, and then moving down towards the jawline.

Finally, add bronzer right under your jawline for a perfectly defined face. 

Basically, you want to contour the naturally hollow or shaded parts of your face. Plus, some contouring right under your jawline, which gives the impression of a defined jawline. 

Knowing where to add bronzer to contour your face makes it way less intimidating. All it takes is a little practice plus learning about your unique facial features. Now, let’s put these tips into action! 

How to Use Bronzer to Contour Your Face Using Our Water-Based Bronzer Stick 

A natural makeup look and contour doesn’t usually go in the same sentence. And we wanted to undo that— who says you have to wear many layers of makeup to contour your face? Our water-based bronzer allows you to easily contour your face to achieve a no-makeup makeup look. 

Woman applying bronzer to contour her face.

Follow these easy-to-apply steps to learn how to use bronzer to contour: 

1. Swipe Your Bronzer on Your Face 

    Using your bronzer stick, apply it underneath your cheekbones, on your chin, and on your forehead. Remember to use the tips we shared with you above. 

    Apply on an upward motion and avoid using too much. A little bit goes far. 

    Undone Tip: Apply a bit of foundation before contouring. It helps your bronzer stay in place and gives you an iridescent look you’ll love. 

    2. Blend The Bronzer 

      Using your fingertips or your favorite brush or sponge, blend the bronzer into your skin. The water-based technology of our bronzer stick makes blending easy, and the coconut extract gives you a bright, natural glow. 

      If you overdid it, don’t worry. That’s why we created this bronzer stick— to make contouring error-free. Simply blend in a little more until it evens out.

      3. Finish Your Look

        Finish off your look with some mascara and lipstick, and you’re done. Achieving a perfect everyday contour is that easy. 

        Undone Tip: Apply your water bronzer to your eyelids and lips to create a chic monochromatic glow.

        What Makes Undone Beauty Stand Out? 

        At Undone Beauty, we strive to give you more for less… And we do it by offering a wide array of top-notch cosmetics at an affordable price. Our one-of-a-kind minimalist, multitasking approach to makeup comes packed with benefits.

        We’re inspired by real-life and real people— and that’s what our products portray. You’ll only see unretouched, real people as models. Our products aren’t meant to hide your natural features, instead, they celebrate them. 

        With products that solve more than one task, you finally undo your overflowing makeup bag. Plus, you make the best out of our products with our easy-to-follow tutorials— like this one! 

        Did you learn how to apply bronzer to contour? Let us know in the comments. We love hearing from you. 

        Stay tuned to our blog for tips, how-to’s, and more. 

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