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Lipstick is a must on your makeup bag. Whether you go for lighter more natural makeup look or favor the glam look, simply adding lipstick brings color into your look and brightens up your face. 

Because of its simplicity, lipstick has been used since ancient times. But makeup has come a long way since then. This means the options for lipstick are wide— balms, glosses, lipstick, and hybrids. The options are endless. 

Deciding what’s right for you can be hard if you don’t know the differences between each one. And that’s why we’re here— to share what makes each type of lip product unique and how to choose the right one for you. Let’s dive in! 

What’s the Difference Between Lipstick, Balm, and Gloss? 

Lipstick, balm, and gloss are the most common types of lip makeup. But not the only ones. You’ll also find hybrids using two of the different lip products. Keep scrolling to learn more about each one!  


Lipstick is one of the most commonly used makeup products and it’s used to give color to your lips. It’s crafted with a higher pigmentation and you’ll find colors from matte to sheer. It also comes in different forms, like liquid, cream, or solid. 

If you’re looking to add some fun color to your lips, lipstick is the way. 


They might look like siblings, but blam has a different function than lipstick. It’s also applied topically on the lips and is used to prevent and treat chapped lips. Balms are nourishing and moisturizing but don’t add any color to your lips. 

If you’re looking to keep your lips healthy and hydrated, balm is the way to go. 

Woman smiling and wearing Undone Beauty Big Poppa Gloss on her lips.


Unlike lipstick and balm, gloss comes in a liquid form and it has its own set of qualities. It’s used to add a touch of luster and shine while hydrating your lips, making them look fuller and dazzling. You’ll find gloss in many different shades, usually on softer tones like pink and peach. 

Gloss is super popular among teenagers and it’s right for you if you’re looking for a fuller pout and glowing lips. 

What’s a Lipstick/Balm Hybrid? 

A perfect set of lips comes from having the best of both worlds— healthy, nourished lips and some color to brighten up your face. And a lipstick/balm hybrid does exactly that—  you get the hydration and the color. 

A lipstick/balm hybrid is ideal for those who want a bright look while keeping their lips healthy. And because we know how important nourished lips are to a great makeup look, we created our fan-favorite, Light on Lip. 

Undone Beauty Light On Lip lipstick collection with light reflecting pigments and skincare ingredients.

The Best Lipstick/Balm Hybrid: Light on Lip

Our Light on Lip hybrid is the perfect combination of nourishment and pigmentation. It’s crafted with coconut oil to smooth and rejuvenate your lips and with aloe vera, to moisturize and hydrate. The light-reflecting pigments on our Light on Lip have a dynamic color, enhancing the volume of your lips.

The pigments are buildable for a natural to bold look— your choice! Give your lips an upgrade. Shop for our Light on Lip hybrid here. 

Undone tip: Swipe your Light on Lip 1-2 times for a sheer, natural look. For a bolder look, build it up with a few more layers. 

What’s a Gloss/Balm Hybrid? 

Bringing you again the best of both worlds, a gloss balm hybrid gives you the luster and shine you love with all the nourishing benefits. Ideal if you’re looking for healthy, voluminous lips. And because we love catering to your needs, we have two gloss/balm hybrids for you. 

Meet Our Big Poppa Gloss 

Our Big Poppa Gloss, a one-of-a-kind gloss/balm hybrid is the perfect ratio of nourishment and volume. It’s crafted with cloudberry extract to condition your lips while hydrating them. It’s never sticky, always lightweight, and it comes with a super-sized applicator, making it super-easy to use. 

Undone tip: For a glowing look on your lips, use your Big Poppa Gloss on top of your favorite lipstick. 

Shop for our vegan gloss here. 

Undone Beauty Lip Life Balm collection with an exfoliating tip and natural colors.

Check Out Our Lip Life Balm 

Another fan-favorite, our Lip Life Balm is about to become your new favorite balm/gloss hybrid. This multitasking balm comes with an exfoliator applicator tip that gently removes dry skin— so you get both a scrub and a balm! 

Our Lip Life Balm comes with three skincare ingredients—  natural shea, jojoba oil, and rosehip oil. These ingredients give you a huge dose of vitamins and antioxidants, repairing and restoring your lips. Plus, it keeps your skin youthful, plump, and hydrated.  

Undone tip: For smoother, softer lips, use the exfoliator tip before applying lipstick or gloss. 

Shop for our multitasking Lip Life Balm here. 

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