From the time we get up, to that glorious moment when we crash down on our beds, our days are not only jam-packed but they also require us to be “always-on” in every possible scenario. We admit it’s pretty hard to keep up and find the time to really connect with yourself or, really, to relax. But as your minimalist beauty guide, we can’t allow this to be the norm. Instead, we believe in the power of uncompromised simplification to make your life more, well, livable and stress-free.

So, we decided to take a look at how beauty products that do more with less can help you save time throughout the day.  You’ll see how our makeup collection is a multi-tasking source for your eyes, lips, and face – from hectic mornings to last-minute date nights!

7am: Undo Hectic Mornings
The alarm goes off, again — it’s likely the second or third snooze — and we know we’re late for work. You get a notification on your phone, that meeting’s been moved up so it’s time to hustle. By now, you’ve got your morning routine on fast-forward but after your coffee, shower, clothes, and hair, you pause in front of the mirror and look at your phone; you have 5 minutes to take care of your face. We’ve got you covered. 


Eyes, Lips and Face Palette


Step 1. Whip out our Concealer, which includes three formulas and opacities. 


  • It hydrates your skin because it’s infused with coconut extract so if you’re in a pinch, you can skip moisturizing.
  • The sheer formula can be used as an all-over dewy base or as a highlighter. No need for foundation.
  • The medium formula will cover you just right under the eyes so you’ll look brighter in an instant. 

Running Time Saved: 3 minutes

Step 2: Freshen up your lips, face, and cheek with our cream-based Lip to Cheek palette.


  • Each formula is infused with coconut extract so you can forget about needing to prep your lips or cheeks with moisturizer.
  • Keep that dewy effect lasting longer with a creamy texture that works on your lips and on your cheeks in a single palette.
  • Blend the formulas to match your desired opacity.

Running Time Saved: 8 minutes

Step 3. Highlight your features just right with our perfectly combined 4-in-1 Nonzer.


Minimal Makeup



  • With a single palette, you’ll be able to build, blend highlights, contour, and strobe with ease.
  • Use the ultra-fine, light-reflecting pigments to brighten up your complexion.
  • Enhance that natural radiant glow with coconut extract, which is infused in the formula.

Running Time Saved: 11 minutes

5pm: Undo Unexpected After-work Drinks
Phew! You got through the day and had a few little wins and one big one. The team wants to go out and celebrate with some after-work drinks and you’ve got the corporate card, so they are all looking at you. It’s time to celebrate and freshen up. Here’s how we’d recommend you do it with only two minimalist products: our 3-in-1 Cream Eye Palette and our One Touch Cat-eye brush.  

Step 1: Add a touch of smokiness to your eyes to quickly change your look from day-time to evening.


  • Each formula contains castor oil, which nourishes and conditions the eyes.  
  • The highlighting base can go the distance and is ultra-blendable with the other formulas so you can keep your dewiness through the evening. 
  • The cream shadow’s high pigments allow achieving the look you desire no matter how intense you’d like to take it. 

Running Time Saved: 14 minutes

Step 2: Use the winged tip to apply a perfect cat-eye liner. 


  • This handcrafted Cat-eye brush was specifically designed to hug the lash line so you can achieve a perfect cat-eye in a single stroke.
  • It’s a multifunctional brush that works with any type of eye makeup: from creams to powders to liquid liners.

Running Time Saved: 20 minutes

8pm: Undo Last-Minute Date Night 
While having a good laugh with your friends from work, your phone beeps with a notification. It’s from your dating app. You open it up to take a closer look and it’s that guy that you’ve been chatting with for a while now and he just asked you out on a date tonight. You say to yourself that maybe it’s the cocktails talking or you’re still riding high from a productive day at work but you replied ‘OK’ before really thinking it over. Uh-oh, what do you do now? It’s time for another quick make-up turn-around and when it comes to dates, us minimalists go straight for the prize features: EYES and LIPS.

Step 1: Give your lashes a natural-looking boost with our Laze Lash Glaze Mascara.


  • Our formula contains castor oil, which conditions your lashes with every stroke.
  • The lightweight serum then works as a gloss for your lashes.
  • The curved brush separates each lash giving you a naturally enhanced look and no clumps or lumps. 

Running Time Saved: 23 minutes

Step 2: Let your lips shine with Light on Lip lipstick.


  • Infused with aloe and coconut oil, this lipstick hydrates like a lip balm for ultra-soft and moist lips.
  • Though it’s sheer, it’s still build-able to give your lips the right intensity.
  • Volume-enhancing pigments are sprinkled throughout the formula to catch the light just right from your best angle. 

Running Time Saved: 25 minutes

As you can see, undoing the stresses of life is our MO at Undone Beauty. Our secret to living “minimalist beauty, major benefits” is to break down the day into tinier situations so that we can learn how to shave off seconds, minutes, even hours that will add up to more time and less stress for you. We pack in major benefits into every single one of our products so you let the makeup do the work, not you.

But the best part of building your beauty armory with Undone Beauty is that our products are affordable, vegan and cruelty-free. So, not only do they benefit you, but they also are better for the animals we share our planet with. 

– Undone Beauty


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