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Brrr… It’s time to face the impending winter with a warm heart because even though we can’t change the weather, we can approach it positively from the inside and out. But as the joys of the holiday season spread amongst us, so do the woes of the biting chill that comes with it. For those of us who can’t jump on a plane and jet to warmer weather, we know exactly what you’re thinking because the first place you’re going to feel that cold winter slap is on your delicate faces.
Fear not, though, because we’re about to share our most effective winter skincare routine tips to allow your face to be protected and recover day in and day out. Let’s start by taking a closer look at who our winter enemies are and what we can do to prevent damage to our skin. This is cold skin, explained.
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The wind is notorious for being a cold multiplier in the winter, just like humidity is for heat in the summer months. Though on a positive note, the wind chill factor does mean that you can say good-bye to bad air quality and high ozone that attack your skin in the spring and summer. Needless to say, the wind does have a particular way of making your skin drier, patchier and redder all throughout the winter months. So, protecting your skin from the harshest of elements is of utmost importance to help your skin pull through.
Our newest go-to is our Under/Over Pressed Powder which has the dual benefit of being a prep and primer for your face but also works as a finishing powder that locks your winter look in place. Plus, our best pressed powder yet is infused with jojoba extract, which is known to act as a moisturizer and an antioxidant. This product is going to be your secret force-field against the elements.
Minimalist beauty actions to take:
  1. Moisturize before and after you wash your face.
  2. Apply a skin prep product, like our new Under/Over Powder, to set a solid base for your skin and then to lock in hydration. Use it on your face, eyes, lips and even your lashes!
  3. Use a cream-based foundation with hydrating coconut extract like our newly formulated Unfoundation to even out your skin color. Our new formula offers light coverage for a dewy, even base.
  4. Go with lighter more neutral colors for your eyes and cheeks because the wind will add a natural touch of blush on your cheeks and nose.
  5. Lock in that look with our Under/Over pressed powder.
We prefer to think of the cold more like a frenemy than an enemy because your skin can actually benefit majorly when the weather takes an abyssal dip. In some of the happiest places in the world, it is a tradition to go winter swimming in weather waaay below freezing. The Scandinavians believe in the healing process that comes from shocking your body hypothermically, which has been proven to release endorphins. We don’t necessarily recommend you try it but embracing the cold promotes blood circulation in your face and body and reduces inflammation and swelling under the eyes. 
When it comes to winter beauty care, there are also some advantages to the cold. Namely, the cooler weather can act like a tonic or astringent. In effect, your skin will be less clogged and your pores will be visibly reduced. Also, your skin’s blood vessels respond to the cold by becoming redder, especially in the nose and cheeks, so you can ease up on the blush, especially if you are going for that winter all-natural “no-makeup” look. Lastly, your body will naturally produce less sebum, which waterproofs your skin and hair, reducing shine and acne.
Minimalist beauty actions to take:
  1. Protecting yourself starts from the inside, so eat healthily and fill up with foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables.
  2. Layer up both in what you wear and what you put on your face. Our newest Unfoundation is a light coverage foundation that adds evenness and goes on seamlessly over our Conceal to Reveal 3-in-1, (which goes perfectly over our prime and prep powder, Under/Over).
  3. 30:30. This is our secret code to remind ourselves to apply SPF 30 thirty minutes before going outside. Because snow reflects up to 80 percent of the sun's UV light, those rays will hit you twice.
  4. Exercise and sweat. Other joyful traditions attributed to the Scandinavians are saunas. Hit the gym and relax while detoxing in this quiet social environment. 
Stepping inside to a heated home or workplace from below-freezing temperatures can put your internal temperature regulation system to the test but also it can shock your skin. The winter is notorious for being a season of low humidity and, on top of that, indoor heating systems draw moisture away from your skin. The goal is to continually nurture your skin throughout the day and not let it become flaky, cracked or scaley. 
Minimalist beauty actions to take:
  1. Ask Santa to bring you creamy cleansers this holiday because those water-based and gel ones will dry your skin even more.
  2. Use beauty products that contain some form of hydration, conditioning or have natural oils and extracts that help your skin recover.
  3. Sleep with a humidifier nearby so that your skin can recover its natural moisture when you need it most.
  4. Drink water, even if you’re not thirsty. We often forget how important it is to hydrate from the inside first. 
– Tom Allen
By making small changes to your winter makeup and winter skincare habits, we hope you’ll be able to embrace the cold and take in the best of the season. 
– Undone Beauty


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