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As your minimalist beauty Kris Kringle adviser, it’s good to remind ourselves of all the beautiful and different personalities around us that deserve a special something this holiday. With the holiday spirit in mind, we’ve created a gift guide for 8 of our favorite types of minimalists. Best of all, our selection of products are all under $20 but carry our multi-tasking, multi-benefit values. 
So, undo expensive and complicated gifts…Give the gift of minimalist beauty this holiday season!
This minimalist takes skincare very seriously. They have the smoothest skin because they know how important it is to moisturize their skin after every exfoliation session at the spa. Plus, they hydrate twice as often in the wintertime because they know that cold, wind and indoor heating dries out their skin. 
Introduce them to their next addiction, Lip Life Balm.
Our #1 selling balm with a patented soft nubby tip gently exfoliates and massages their lips with every application. The natural shea, jojoba and rose hips smooth the lips and hydrates just right. 
personalized gifts for her
They often speak softly and sparsely but when they do, their lips do most of the talking. This minimalist goes through many roles throughout the day – leader, partner, lover, parent, motivator, listener – and they need a lipstick that can keep up with every transition. 
Our Light on Lip is a multi-tasking hybrid balm-lipstick that goes on sheer but whose color is buildable. Infused with volume-enhancing pigments, aloe and coconut extract, your lips will be hydrated and look beautifully enhanced every time you apply.  And, with 6 new shades including Fine Wine and Really Ruby, you’ll find the perfect shade for this high-impact minimalist.  
Best gifts
A true minimalist owns fewer things but the things they do own do a lot more. The clothes in their closet might be less than others but it feels as if they have the largest wardrobe because everything they own can be combined or used in a way to make a dozen styles and looks. And, the same must go for the makeup and tools they use.
The Seamless Face and Body Brush is just the tool to get them because of its multi-use capabilities and broad, ergonomic design. This curved brush is perfect for all-over application, blending, highlighting, contouring, and buffing shoulders, collarbone and face. Less can do A LOT more. 
Personalized gifts for her
Looking effortlessly stunning is the hallmark for this minimalist. Every lash, shadow, blush, and liner are harmoniously working together to achieve the look they are going for, which can span from the latest trends and colors to the timeless looks. 
How about gifting this gorgeous beauty with a magic wand we call the One Touch Eye Powder + Liner? This handmade brush has a winged tip that hugs the lash-line so you can create a quick and easy cat-eye in one stroke. Then turn it on its side for applying your eyeshadow. The vegan bristles are perfect for all textures including powder, creams, and liquid.
Personalized gifts for her
This minimalist keeps things monochrome so that those bright and shiny eyes can take the lead with every encounter. Even in the home, the direct and indirect lighting creates geometric shapes and shadows that entrance you when they welcome you in, much like their beloved lashes reel you into their gaze.
Offer them our lightest mascara, yet, to enhance their intensity. The Laze Lash Glaze mascara is made of a lightweight serum that coats the lash much like a gloss would. Tied with our volumizing brush that separates each lash, they end up with a natural-looking volume.
Personalized gifts for her
Showing one’s true colors is important for this minimalist, but never at the expense of the others or Mother Nature. Everything they own was sustainably sourced, is likely organic, fair trade, vegan and most definitely cruelty-free. Their flare is their power to send a strong message to the world. 
Pick the ultimate Curator Palette from our selection of 4 color collections, which include 10 shades and colors each, including a few pop colors. It applies wet to dry as an eyeshadow, highlighter and includes a liquid eyeliner to create the look you want to achieve. And not only is it 100% vegan and cruelty-free, but it’s also infused with castor oil to condition your skin while you wear it. 
Personalized gifts for her
Porcelain smooth skin, hair that seems to fall always perfectly into place, a style that is simple and seemingly impeccably thrown together, this minimalist is the one you love to hate but love anyways. Their secret is being true to themselves and following the wind. 
They’ll love to say they don’t wear much makeup but we know they’ve secretly mastered the ‘no makeup’ look. So, get them their next secret weapon: the Lip to Cheek cream palette. With pan-creme technology, the three formulas are completely customizable and can be used for blending, highlighting, and tinting the lips and cheeks.
Personalized gifts for her
Your Instagram feed is flooded with photos from this minimalist’s exotic travels around the world. But whether it’s for work or personal, every shot highlights their beautiful complexion that seemingly stays consistent all year round. 
On the off-season, they’ll probably want to maintain that bronzed look so gift them our unique Water Bronzer, which now comes in two new shades... This water-based formula is ultra-blendable and long-lasting but can easily wash-off. Infused with coconut water, it hydrates to give this globe-trotter the hydration they need to handle any environment. 
Personalized gifts for her

This holiday season, let's toss aside the naughty or nice list and share the gift of natural beauty with those around us and yourself. 
Happy holidays to all of you!


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