Project HEAL is an organization breaking down barriers to treatment for Americans struggling with eating disorders. Their mission and values are centered in equity, inclusivity, body liberation, and removing stereotypes.

These are the same values driving us forward at Undone Beauty. And we stand behind them. 

We believe in true beauty, from the inside and out. With our new Project HEAL partnership, we’re turning those values into charitable action. 

Meet: Project HEAL

Project HEAL is a non-profit organization helping people with eating disorders access life-saving treatment. They do this by breaking down systemic, healthcare, and financial barriers to eating disorder treatment

Led by Project HEAL, we’re helping and supporting people who are struggling. Those excluded from and harmed by the current false narrative: that the only people suffering from eating disorders are young, thin, rich, white women— which we know is far from the truth.

Project HEAL is about inclusion and removing those stereotypes— which is why this partnership fits perfectly with our values. 

At Undone Beauty, we are committed to being inclusive. We’re removing negative stereotypes and unachievable beauty standards. We walk the talk by using real people as models for our products. Never retouched, never photoshopped. We celebrate natural beauty. 

There are over 30 million Americans enduring an eating disorder. Of those, only 6 million are receiving treatment. ¹

Over 24 million Americans suffering from an eating disorder have no access to treatment. Due to financial or insurance barriers, it’s nearly impossible to get quality treatment. And that’s when Undone Beauty and Project HEAL come in. 

“Our vision is for every person with an eating disorder to have the resources and opportunities they need to recover.”Project Heal 

Why Are We Partnering up With Project HEAL? Introducing: Undo Unseen 

Eating disorders and body type

We’re partnering up with Project HEAL to help men and women feel comfortable in their own skin. With Undo Unseen, we’re taking a step forward to make this happen. 

Undo Unseen stands for all those who are suffering from any kind of eating disorder and remain unseen and unheard. In America, 1 in 10 people are currently struggling with eating disorders. 

Eating disorders are the “unseen pandemic”. More than 16% of college students are currently battling some form of eating disorder, and less than 20% of them get treatment. ²

An eating disorder doesn’t see race, size, gender, sexual orientation, or age. It affects everyone

With Undo Unseen, we’re working towards eliminating the misconceptions and bias around eating disorders. It’s not exclusive to affluent people. White, young girls aren’t the only ones affected. 

This misconception is leaving millions of Americans unseen, untreated, and unable to access any type of treatment. 

With Project HEAL and Undo Unseen, we’re changing that. 

We stand against any and all beliefs, biases, or messages that compare bodies against constructed ideals, equate health with appearance, define beauty, or assign value or worth to any individuals over others. We are anti-diet and fat-positive. We are committed to body liberation in all its forms.” — Project HEAL 

Our Partnership With Project HEAL 

With the giving season around the corner, we wanted to take our charitable efforts to the next level. To support Project HEAL’s mission, we donated 1% of all our profits in August - September 2020We will be doing the same in March 2021. 

We chose to use August - September to raise awareness about the anxiety surrounding the first day back at school. Teens and young adults feel pressured to look ‘perfect’ when they go back to school. This is causing a lack of confidence and self-esteem, leading younger generations to develop eating disorders and other illnesses, like depression.

We also chose March to support the National Eating Disorder Awareness Month. During this period every year, we’ll be donating 1% of all our profits to Project HEAL.

To generate an even bigger impact, we’re creating a new shade from our top selling Lip-to-Cheek Cream Palette. 100% of the profits from this new shade are going to directly support Project HEAL. 

We’re turning our best-seller cream blush into an impact-making product. 

Shop our cult-favorite 3-in-1 Cream Blush here. 

How is Project HEAL Helping? 

Since 2008, Project HEAL has been giving people with eating disorders a second chance at life. With their Insurance Navigation, Treatment Placement, and Cash Assistance programs, they’re helping Americans with eating disorders finally access treatment.

The lack of awareness surrounding eating disorders makes access to treatment hard. After opioid use disorder, eating disorders have the second-highest mortality rate out of all mental illnesses. This makes Project HEAL an absolute necessity for a lot of Americans. ³

The perfectionist culture is embedding impossible-to-attain beauty expectations in women and men of all ages. Its values are rooted in shaming and false beauty standards. 

This is causing girls, as young as 7 years old, to be insecure about their bodies. A study confirmed that 53% of 13 y/o girls feel unhappy with their bodies. 

This number reaches 78% by the time they turn 17.

We want to undo the typical beauty standards putting pressure on people to look a certain way. In America, the weight loss industry made $72 B, and cosmetic plastic surgery made $16.5 B, in 2018. ⁵-⁶

These beauty standards are one of the root causes of eating disorders.

To learn more about the huge impact Project HEAL is creating for Americans with an eating disorder, click here. 

To learn more about Undone Beauty’s partnership with Project HEAL, and how we’re undoing unrealistic beauty standards, click here.

Don’t forget to cast your vote! Choose your favorite shade for our 3-in-1 Cream Blush Palette on our Instagram. 

– Undone Beauty 


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