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We sat down (virtually) with makeup artist, Briahna Mcneil, to get the MUA insider scoop on what she looks for in a makeup brand, how she feels about the beauty industry, and to get her thoughts on Undone Beauty!

Briahna has been a professional hair and makeup artist for seven plus years now. Born and raised in St. Louis, she now lives in sunny Los Angeles where her main clientele is based.

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Q: What inspires your makeup looks and how did you get started? 
A: Runway and nature are the main points of my inspiration, I think to myself either how can I make this just ridiculously gorgeous or more wearable for an everyday look. I started young as a kid, watching my mother put on makeup in the mornings and secretly playing in her stash at night when everyone was sleeping.
Q: How do you choose what products you’re going to use, and what do you look for in brands?
A: First thing I think about are finishes, how that product wears throughout the day, and how it’ll mix with my skincare. I look for products that are user friendly and let the skin be skin.
Q: Who would be your dream person to make over? Dead or alive. 
A: Omg hands down Jane Fonda. I love that woman and honestly she has been on my dream list since I became a makeup artist.
Q: Do you find that the beauty industry has changed? If yes, how so? 
A: Yes, I feel social media has definitely took over a large part of the beauty industry and it has allowed the world to connect and define what beauty looks like to them. I believe it’s a lot more personal now. 
Q: If you could use one product for your favorite look what would it be & how would you use it?
A: That's a hard one but definitely gloss, I would apply on the eyes, top of the cheek bones, and lips. I have actually done this and its wonderful. Honorable mention is cream blush, applied in the same way for some color.
Q: How did you find out about Undone Beauty & what do you like about it? 
A: I found out about Undone beauty on social media, and I love the effort-less feel of the products. Its approachable and for me that checks all of my boxes.
Q: Do you think using Undone products can help simplify your own daily routine?
A: Yes, I love the compacts and how they’re multi use. I think in our current world makeup is needed but it doesn’t need to be complicated and those compacts are the answers to those prayers.
Q: Which Undone products have you tried and what did you like about them?
A: I have tried the Lip to Cheek cream palette and the Cream Eye palette. I love the functionality of them having three shades to customize your look and I also love how it blends on to the skin. 
Q: What is your favorite Undone product(s) and what are some tips/ tricks on how to use it?
A: I love the Lip to cheek palette, my tip is when wanting a fresh face look use the sheer shade on the tops of your cheeks and across your nose and temples. Then add the medium shade on the balls of your cheeks, and the lining of your lips, and lastly add the opaque shade to your eyes and blend with your fingers, and add it to the center of your lips for a bitten plump lip look! This is a perfect monochromatic look done with one product.
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  • I really enjoyed Briahna’s perspective of the beauty industry and I definitely agree that it’s far more personal! We have taken beauty standards in our own hands and made them suit our needs.

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