Thursday February 13, 2020

Supergreat tells the story of our founder, Ann Somma

Supergreat Reviews Minimalist Beauty Brand Undone Beauty
"Before I moved to New York City, my mom bestowed a bit of wisdom on me. She said every tool in my kitchen should have more than one use, which means no panini presses or avocado slicers. Counter space is a precious commodity in my tiny, 2-bedroom apartment, and the same can be said about my vanity space and my beauty products. I must think strategically about the makeup products I bring into my home, and if they don’t serve more than one purpose, it’s only going to add more clutter to my space—and anyone who knows me knows I hate clutter.
Undone Beauty is aiming to minimize the mess with clean-lined products that serve more than one use, from the Lip to Cheek Palette, which provides three opacities in one pan, to the Lip Life Balm, a tinted balm that includes an exfoliating tip. The subtle hues of each product enhance natural beauty rather than cover it up, and even the Undone website highlights the au naturel with un-retouched images..."  
Keep reading to find out how our founder, Ann Somma, and our team are undoing maximalist beauty...

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