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Seamless Face and Body Palm Brush


Why is a big, brilliant blending brush also a BIG investment? We undid that with this affordable ...
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Lip to Cheek 3-in-1 Cream Palette


Do we really need to apply (or pack!) 3 separate lip and cheek products? We undid that by pouring...
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Lip Life Balm with Lip Smoothing Tip


Do we have to buy a separate lip scrub for smooth lips? We undid that with this fun applicator an...
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Water Bronzer


Why is bronzing such a high-risk operation? We undid the orange, streaky look with a super fresh...
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Ultra-wearable formulas designed to make it easy, with less. Unretouched models - always. 

Luxury quality products and handmade tools starting at 5 bucks.

Formulated with effective natural ingredients for your skin and lashes. Vegan-friendly + cruelty-free.

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