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Seamless Face and Body Palm Brush


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Why is a big, brilliant blending brush also a BIG investment? We undid that with this affordable (but ingeniuous) easy-to-use, all-over applicator.

  • Natural Looking Face and Body Blending, Highlighting, Contouring and Buffing
  • Handcrafted, Patent-Pending Luxury Quality
  • Soft, Durable Synthetic Fiber
  • For Cream and Powder Foundation, Blush, Bronzer, Concealer and Body Makeup
  • Love It or It's Free
  • Cruelty
  • Vegan
  • Free


How to Use

How do I use this?

This giant brush is perfect for powder, liquid and cream products. Use the curve-hugging design to blend foundation for quick, even coverage or use to contour and highlight.

What's different about this?

The thick curved handle and unique contoured brush allows for a secure hold and precise full coverage. The curved shape hugs the contours of the face and body to allow for pigmented color and application.

Tips to Undo it_

Don't limit yourself! Try using this giant brush beyond your face to enhance body contours (we like using it for highlighting and bronzing shoulders and collarbones) or to blend body makeup seamlessly.

#UndoExpected with us_

Ultra-wearable formulas designed to make it easy, with less. Unretouched models - always. 

Luxury quality products and handmade tools starting at 7 bucks.

Formulated with effective natural ingredients for your skin and lashes. Vegan-friendly + cruelty-free.

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