Halloween Makeup Look Contouring

The holiday season is upon us! And with Halloween around the corner, it’s time to look for the perfect costume to celebrate the occasion. Whether you want a spooky look or chic makeup, there are three essentials for any Halloween makeup: contour, highlight, and bronzer. 

If you’re on the hunt for the best Halloween makeup ideas to compliment your costume, you came to the right place. To recreate this look you need: 

Undone Beauty Natural Looking Bronzer and Vegan Makeup Brush

1. Our Warm Up 4 in 1 Bronzer:

Our 4 in 1 palette is a must-have for multitasking. From a natural, just-hit-the-beach makeup to the perfect Halloween look, this palette has it all.

Our formulation has light-reflecting pigments and coconut extract for a glowing, sheen effect you’ll love. Our motto is “less is more”, and this product is the perfect example.

One product— many uses: our versatile shades allow you to apply it to your eyes, face, and body. All in one long-lasting product. 

2. Our One Touch Apply & Blend Brush:

Let’s be honest, you don’t need 20 different brushes to do your makeup. Not at Undone Beauty. Our vegan, multi-use brush gives you a perfect look without the hassle of choosing from endless brushes. 

With an innovative angled tip, our multitasking brush allows you to blend, contour, and highlight. It works with creams and powders— an affordable way to look flawless. 

A good makeup brush is the secret weapon of any savvy makeup artist.  

Now, let’s dive into how to use the bronzer + brush. 


Halloween Makeup Tutorial: How to Apply Contour, Highlight, and Bronzer

The simple thought of contour intimidates even the savviest makeup artist. You might think it’s hard to achieve and only for professionals… but we undid that with Undone Beauty. 

Here you’ll finally learn how to easily master a perfect contour plus highlight and bronzer, using our multi-use angled brush. These are ideal for a flawless Halloween makeup look. Let’s dive in:

1. Contour Your Face 

Use the dark shades in your Warm Up 4 in 1 Bronzer to contour your face. Gently swirl your One Touch Apply & Blend Brush into the powder and spread it on your cheeks, jawline, nose, and forehead. 

For an easy-to-do contour on your cheeks, suck them in and apply the powder into the hollows. Our brush’s angle is designed to help you create a perfect contour. 

From witches to a kitty cat, a good contour is essential for any Halloween makeup look. 

Undone tip: Make the blending easier by tapping your brush a couple of times to get rid of excess powder. 

How To Contour Makeup Tutorial

2. Highlight + Bronze 

    For a beautiful sun-kissed look, use the light luster shades. They’ll enhance the high points of your face and body. 

    Gently swift your brush on the lighter shades of your bronzer palette and apply to your cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bow. 

    Our bronzer gives you a natural glow— so you look like a Hallow-Queen! 

    Undone Tip: Apply the shades to your collarbone and shoulders for a perfect finish. 

    How To Contour Bronzer Makeup Brush

    How To Contour Adding Highlighter

    3. Mix And Match

      Finish off your look by applying your favorite shade to your eyes. Ideal to match your sun-kissed glow. 

      Use the different shades to compliment your Halloween makeup however you want. If you’re going for a spooky look, use the darker shades to create a smoky, witchy-looking makeup.

      See the full Halloween makeup tutorial here

      Now, it’s time to have a Halloween that’s as on point as your makeup look. 


      Is Undone Beauty For You? 

      At Undone Beauty we reinvented your typical makeup brand. You don’t need more products to look flawless. You don’t need the most expensive makeup to have luxury items. 

      We’re committed to helping you look your best with less. Our products always solve more than one task, and our long-lasting luxury formulations are (and always will be) affordable. 

      We say no to animal cruelty, overpricing quality products, and stuffy makeup bags. 

      Undone is for you— if you’re looking to enhance your natural beauty

      It’s made for the multitasking, always-on-the-go women, who also cares about high-quality, clean ingredients. And of course, for those who are nice to the bunnies (for real, we never test on animals!). 

      This holiday season, show off a flawless, glowing look without the hassle. Get if for Halloween makeup, keep it for the rest of the year. Shop our collection here. 

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      – Undone Beauty


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