Minimalist Beauty New Year's resolutions

No matter what you promised to do or give up this year, as your minimalist beauty adviser, we’d like to remind you that resolutions can be made at any point in your life and throughout the year. That’s why we’d like to share one that will surely enhance your way of life and one that can be applied to many aspects of it. We call it: Live MORE with LESS.


– Marcel Proust (1871-1922)

Though it may sound like a lofty goal, we like to use it more as a mantra to help us make better decisions that will contribute to our health, lasting beauty, and general well-being. In short, to live more with less is:

  • To be more appreciative of the things that matter most
  • To free ourselves from the burdens of excesses 
  • To put the focus back on ourselves and others 
As grandiose as that may sound, we know that it’s not a quick and easy change to adopt, but there are some facets of our lives where we can apply this philosophy and experience serious benefits almost immediately.
To show you what we mean, we are going to start simple and see how this approach can be applied to your beauty bag. As you’ve come to expect, we love to break things down into smaller steps here at Undone Beauty, which makes tackling bigger projects more manageable and more fun.

Woman organizing cosmetic bag
Step 1: Filter your belongings
Grab your beauty bag (and don’t forget your travel beauty bag, as well), then dump it all out. We don’t mean toss it, not just yet, but layout all of its content on the table. What you’ll notice at first is that probably half of the creams, powders, and brushes go unused most of the time and are there just in case or for certain occasions. We admit that it can be hard to filter and cut back, but we’ve got some secrets to help get you there.
  1. Check the shelf life of each product to see if they’ve reached the end. Most products show that information either on the packaging or online. For Undone products, you can find this information on each product page. See an example here.
  2. If you haven’t used a product in over 6 months, chances are you won’t be using it again. If you can’t remember, start tallying the products you use and cut the ones with the least tally marks at the end of 6 months. 
Step 2: Define your philosophy
Now separate the product you use daily or weekly from the product you use on special occasions. The idea here is to reflect on why you love certain products and why you use some products more sporadically. This exercise will allow you to evaluate whether or not some products need to be upgraded or if some products can be replaced by others that do more such as 2-in-1’s or even 4-in-1’s
It’s equally important to set some parameters with the products that you do buy. Ask yourselves, are they cruelty-free and vegan? Are they “clean” products? Was this product an impulse buy? What are the shades that are most appropriate for my skin tone? Do my minimalist looks need trendy pop shades? By answering these questions, you will be able to evaluate and define what beauty products are right for you.


Minimalist woman minimalist resolutions
Step 3: Streamline to the essentials
So, what exactly does a minimalist need to cover a year’s worth of looks and styles? We recommend pairing things down to only a handful of essentials. Here are our favorites:
  • A foundation for all seasons: Finding the perfect tone that matches your complexion is the first step (learn how to find yours here) and the second step is to make sure your foundation multi-benefit, so it should moisturize without being shimmery and is buildable when needed. Our newest reformulated Unfoundation does just that.
  • A concealer for all skin days: We don’t always need concealer but when we do, it’s good to have one that you can dial up or down. Our 3-in-1 Conceal to Reveal has 3 formulas to adapt to cover up just right.
  • A cream blush you can stretch: By stretch we mean multitasking. The right cream palette can be used on your lips as much as your cheeks and can be applied in a pinch and on-the-go. You’ll be able to brighten up the day and give your skin that natural dewy glow we so love. 
  • One mascara you love: We don’t need a dozen mascaras for every occasion. As a minimalist who loves to be inspired by French women, think about adding natural volume and defining each lash so they stand out but not scream. 
  • A cream color palette for your eyes: Your liner, shadow, and highlighter should be pulled out in a single reach from your bag, so find the right shade for your every day and make sure it’s cream-based so you can blend to create the right intensity for each situation.
  • A beloved lip balm or color: Hydration over color intensity is a rule we live by, but given the situation, having a lipstick or lip balm that can offer both and can build color with every application is ideal. 
  • A couple of cleaned brushes: By now we come to expect that your brushes are multitasking beasts, though strictly vegan, so give them a little love and wash them with shampoo and lukewarm water; set them out to dry on a clean towel. 

Minimalist beauty resolution natural products

    Step 4: Repeat and maintain
    Stick to what works and consider doubling down on some things so that you have those same essentials for travel or your work desk. If you love Undone, we often offer bundles and deals on your favorites, so check back often.
    Now that your bag is ready to take on 2020 with minimalist beauty at heart, you can take this way of life to the next level and start addressing other aspects of your life like your wardrobe, diet and living spaces.
    But we also believe that sometimes the season will dictate certain splurges that will add some excitement. For your beauty routine, this means that you can add, remove or replace essentials that are more appropriate. Think about a bronzer for mid-seasons, a new lip color to match your mood or even a fun new product like a new liner. 
    All in all, living more with less will free you from the confusion and confines of a life cluttered with too much. Your mind, skin, and body will thank you each day as you practice self-love that uniquely highlights your natural beauty.
    – Undone Beauty


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