Multitasking water bronzer.

Tired of your makeup bag overflowing with products you don’t even use? We’re here with a solution for you. Join Undone beauty in decluttering your makeup bag! In this blog, we’re sharing the best multitasking makeup products to simplify your makeup routine. 

You don’t need to spend hours by the mirror and hundreds of dollars on expensive makeup to look your best. With the right products, you’ll be out the door in 15 minutes looking absolutely fabulous. Keep scrolling to learn more! 

The Best Multitasking Makeup Products 

Ready to make the switch from overwhelming routines to simplified yet flawless makeup? These products are essential for those on-the-go morning looks and for date-after-work nights. All of Undone Beauty products are: 

  • Multifunctional this means a single product solves more than one task, saving you time and money. 
  • Clean, affordable beauty treat your skin to high-quality makeup with skincare ingredients without breaking the bank. That’s what you get with our curated list of products. 
  • Vegan-friendly + cruelty-free our multitasking makeup products are never tested on animals. We’re certified cruelty-free. 

With these few multi-use makeup products you’ll be able to curate endless looks! Simply switch your single-use makeup products for multitasking products to save time, space, and money. These are our go-to multitasking makeup products: 

1. 3-in-1 Lip to Cheek Palette 

Nothing says multitasking quite like our Lip to Cheek Palette. This palette is seamlessly filled with three different opacities— sheer, medium, and opaque— allowing you to curate multiple looks. Use it on your cheeks, lips, or lids! 

Its high-quality skincare ingredients include coconut extract to give you that dewy glow you love! Choose from our 8 different shades and start enjoying a quick and simple makeup routine. 

Check out this tutorial to learn how to achieve a natural makeup look with our Lip to Cheek Palette. 

2. Water Bronzer

Our most innovative product and a fan favorite— meet our Water Bronzer. This unique bronzer cools your skin, contours, and adds a natural-looking tan to your face and body. The water-based technology helps the bronzer melt softly into your skin for a fresh, natural look. 

Its skincare ingredients include coconut water to nourish and hydrate your skin— giving you an unbeatable glow. It’s super blendable, making it ideal to use on your face + body for a non-streaky, mistake-free tan. 

Want to master how to contour your face with bronzer? Check out this tutorial.

Multitasking eyebrow makeup.

3. Flawlush Brow 

No more expensive trips to the microblading salon! Our Flawlush Brow is here to save the day. This brow duo is the perfect product to elevate your brow look without breaking the bank. With this multitasking product, you get both a brow pencil and a gel. Its skincare ingredients include castor oil for nourishment and conditioning. 

The precision felt tip pen helps you create a perfectly defined shape. The spoolie comes with a long-wear gel that helps stray hairs stay in place. Plus, you won’t need to get another product to prime your brows! Shape, fill and fluff, and nourish your brows— all in one product. 

Multitasking lip scrub and lip balm.

4. Lip Life Balm

Natural-looking lips or a stained color look— with our Lip Life Balm is your choice! This lipstick/balm hybrid is the perfect combination of lip nourishment and pigmentation. Comes in 10 different shades and the sheer pigments give your lips a dynamic color. 

The exfoliator tip of our Lip Life Balm removes the need to get a separate product to remove dry skin from your lips. Its formulation is buildable, meaning 1-2 swipes give you a barely-there look, and with a couple more, a bolder look. With our Lip Life Balm, you get a scrub, exfoliator, lip nourishment, and a sheer color you’ll love! 

Group of Undone Beauty 3-in-1 concealer palette in different shades.

5. Conceal to Reveal 3-in-1 Coverage Palette 

Our 3-in-1 Concealer solves all your coverage needs in a single, multitasking palette. Your skin has good days and bad days, and that’s why you get 3 different opacities, helping you target different parts of the face with one product instead of two. 

The lightweight cream formula easily blends into your skin, giving you a natural dewy look. The skincare ingredients include coconut extract for skin hydration and an added glow. With this multitasking product, you nourish your skin while covering blemishes, tattoos, and dark spots. 

Why Choose Multitasking Makeup Products? 

For many years, makeup routines have been overcomplicated. With thousands of products launching every day, you feel the need to have every new cosmetic hitting the shelves. But instead of helping, this creates an overwhelming amount of products you don’t use or need.   

By choosing minimalist, multitasking makeup products, you’ll enjoy many benefits! Here’s a few of them: 

  • Make the best of your beauty products. Why buy makeup you’ll only use once? With multitasking makeup, you can use a single product to solve many tasks. 
  • Save time and money. By having multipurpose makeup products, you save time by simplifying your makeup routine and money by having to buy fewer products. Win-win! 
  • Declutter your makeup bag. A complicated makeup routine is stressful enough to also add an overflowing makeup bag. Break free from the clutter! Having multifunctional products allows you to keep your makeup bag organized and neat. Not only do you get more value for your money— you save space like a true minimalist. 
  • Travel-friendly makeup. Forget about packing an endless amount of makeup for a trip. With multitasking products, traveling with makeup is hassle-free. 

Undone Beauty: The Epitome of Multitasking Makeup

At Undone Beauty we strive to give you more for less— more clean, natural ingredients at an affordable price. More products that solve more than one task. And more ways to make the best out of your products. No overcomplicated makeup routines. No messy makeup bags. 

Our products are always clean-crafted with skincare ingredients, vegan, and cruelty-free. Plus, in our blog, you’ll learn different techniques to make the best of our products! You’ll find tutorials, how-to’s, tips, makeup ideas, and more. 

Join us in our mission to simplify makeup routines and declutter makeup bags. Shop for our multitasking makeup products here.

You can also find our minimalist beauty products at Ulta & Target (online and at selected stores) and on Amazon.


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