Blush is often underrated but it’s a crucial step for your makeup look. When applied correctly, blush elevates your look and brings life to your face. 

For a long time, powder blush has been the norm, but cream blush is quickly growing in popularity. The natural, dewy finish cream blush leaves on your face it’s perfect for any type of skin. Plus, you can use it on your cheeks and lips! 

If you’re a lipstick, blush, and mascara kind of gal, you’ll love cream blush. And with our cult-classic Lip-to-Cheek Cream Blush Palette, achieving a natural, dewy flush is a piece of cake. 

We poured a whole look into 1 multitasking product— you get a perfect blush + perfect lips. 

Woman wearing Undone Beauty cream blush on lips and cheeks

Top Benefits of Using Cream Blush 

If you’ve been a loyal powder blush user, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your options. There are good reasons for the growing popularity of cream blush. Forget the cake-y look of powder blush, or having to redo your entire makeup for overdoing it. 

Cream blush is a team player, and crucial to achieving a perfect flush. And learning how to apply cream blush it’s easy…. Especially with this tutorial. 

Because of its texture, it’s ideal for people with dry skin. And as the cold weather arrives, hydrating your skin to keep it from drying must be a top priority. Wintertime is the perfect time to make the switch to our cream blush. 

The added coconut extract of our best-seller Lip-to-Cheek Cream Blush moisturizes your face and lips, protecting your skin from the cold. And making cream blush perfect to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. 

This type of blush is also ideal for mature skin, as it seamlessly blends into your skin. Its texture makes it easier to blend and gives you a natural glow that’s hard to achieve with a powder blush. 

Another added benefit of our cream blush is you can wear it on your lips too. The buildable formula of our Lip-to-Cheek palette it’s ideal for your face + lips. 

How to Apply Cream Blush Using Our Fan-Favorite 3-in-1 Lip to Cheek Palette

Undone Beauty 3-in-1 Cream Blush

Choose Your Shade 

Worrying about a stuffy makeup bag is a thing of the past with our cult-classic Lip-to-Cheek Cream Blush Palette. You don’t need three products to achieve the perfect cheek and lip look. 

With our Cream Blush Palette, you get 3 different opacities— sheer, medium, and intense. All in one multitasking product. 

  • The sheer opacity is best for lips and a dewy glow on your cheeks. 
  • The medium opacity is perfect for an everyday look. Use it on your cheeks + lips. 
  • The intense opacity is ideal for a long-lasting blush, liner, and lips. 

This makes our Lip to Cheek Cream Blush ideal for minimalistic beauty

Woman applying cream blush to cheeks

1. Pat the Cream Blush on Your Cheeks 

    With your fingertip, sponge, or your favorite brush, apply a small amount of cream blush on the apple of the cheek. 

    Remember… a little goes a long way. Don’t apply too much, instead, use a little and add more if you need it. If you overdo it, just blend your cream blush a little more with your fingers or brush. 

    Undone tip: Wash your hands before applying makeup with your fingers to avoid pimples!  

    2. Smooth + Blend 

      Using your fingers, sponge, or a brush, blend the blush up towards your ear and down across your cheekbone. Then, blend the edges where you first apply your blush to ensure it’s smooth. 

      If you’re using powder foundation, apply the cream blush first, and then the foundation. 

      Undone tip: If you’re using your fingers, blend the cream blush using a circular motion to ensure it blends in perfectly. 

      Woman applying cream blush to lips

      3. Apply to Your Lips 

        Using your fingertips or your favorite brush, apply the medium shade to your lips for a natural, even glow. 

        Now, show off your natural, dewy makeup look! Quick, easy, and fabulous. 

        Undone Tip: Layer your lips adding the intense shade for more impact. 

        Watch the full video tutorial here. 

        – Undone Beauty 

        What Makes Undone Beauty Stand Out? 

        At Undone Beauty we’re redefining the beauty industry. With innovation and inclusion as our core values, we’re crafting beauty products that celebrate your natural beauty. 

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        Inspired by real-life, our products are about showcasing your natural beauty. For the always-on-the-go, multitasking women who want to look their best. 

        Minimal beauty, major benefits. That’s our motto— clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. 

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