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Cloudberry extract oil is the best-kept secret of skincare ingredients. This nordic berry is jam-packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids— optimal for nourishing your skin. 

Thanks to its resilience and immune-boosting properties, it’s been said that cloudberry was used by Vikings and Inuit people back in the day— which speaks to how amazing it is.  

Keep reading to find out more about cloudberry and our new fan-fave product featuring it— Big Poppa Lip Gloss. 

What is Cloudberry Extract Oil? 

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You’re probably wondering why you have never heard of this nutrient-rich berry before. Well, this superfruit is one of a kind. 

Cloudberry is a rare but powerful berry. It’s native to the Arctic, where it thrives in extremely harsh conditions, growing in temperatures of -40° F. And that’s one of the reasons why this berry is unique. 

The Arctic hosts unforgiving winters with cold, dark days. But these berries manage to survive by soaking up loads of nutrients from the fierce but fleeting summer sun. The results? A berry with twice as much vitamin C as an orange. ¹

Cloudberry is also abundant in antioxidants. They protect your skin from free radicals that break down collagen and elastin. This means cloudberries help you to nourish and hydrate your skin.

At Undone, we took advantage of these unique properties to give you makeup with outstanding skincare qualities. 

Ready to Include Cloudberry in Your Day to Day? 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to hike the highlands of the Arctic to enjoy the benefits of cloudberry. We did the trek for you and infused the extract of this nordic berry into our makeup. 

Introducing: Big Poppa Lip Gloss… A Lip Enhancing Gloss

Big Poppa Lip Gloss with Cloudberry oil extract

Our skincare-infused lip gloss is a new fan-favorite for smooth, gleaming lips. The non-globby, lightweight formula gives you the glossy finish you love without the sticky mess

Plus, it’s crafted with cloudberry extract oil to give you nourished, hydrated lips. The super-size applicator makes using our Big Poppa Lip Gloss an effortless task. 

If you want to give your look a unique pop of color while nourishing your lips, this lip-balm hybrid is for you. Hydrating. Nourishing. Never ever sticky. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about the superpowers of Cloudberry extract oil and the top benefits it gives to your skin. 

3 Note-Worthy Benefits of Cloudberry Extract Oil For Your Skin  

The resilience of this golden-red berry makes it pack a serious nutrient punch. These are the top three skin benefits of cloudberry (out of a long list!): 

1. They’re Packed With Vitamin C & E, Making it A Skin-Nurturing Powerhouse 

Cloudberries are rich in Vitamin C— If you were to eat them, a single serving of 3.5 oz gives you 176% of your daily needs. This makes them an ideal ingredient for makeup and skincare. ²

Vitamin C helps to protect your skin from sun damage and keeps it youthful and radiant. But most importantly, it boosts collagen production while diminishing acne scars and wrinkles. ³

Collagen and elastin are like your skin’s supportive scaffolding. Collagen provides skin firmness, and elastin supplies skin elasticity and rebound. Over time your levels naturally diminish by around 1% per year. But the major contributing factors are external such as the sun and environmental damage like pollution. 

Diagram illustrating the depletion of collagen and elastin as we age

The vitamin E in cloudberries helps your skin retain moisture and stay hydrated— ideal for dry skin and cold weather. These properties made them a staple ingredient in skincare in Nordic countries (and in our makeup collection).  

2. Cloudberry Extract is Rich in Fatty Acids Like Omega 3 & 6

Model holding our Big Poppa lip-balm hybrid

The seeds on these tart berries are abundant with these powerful fatty acids. They help strengthen and restore your skin barrier, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and plump— and that’s why we use it in our Big Poppa Lip Gloss.  

A strong skin barrier keeps irritants and pollutants from penetrating your skin and locks-in moisture, giving you ever-lasting hydration.

Nordic countries have been using cloudberry as a skincare ingredient for centuries thanks to their super-moisturizing properties. And for this same reason, we included them in our makeup-meets skincare beauty products. 

3. It Teems With Ellagic Acid— A Star Nutrient For Your Skin

Ellagic acid has magnificent antioxidant properties. It protects your skin from damaging free radicals— giving it anti-aging properties. Plus, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and it protects collagen from being broken down. ⁵

Ellagic acid is an under-the-radar miracle worker for treating wrinkles and protecting your skin from UV damage. All these properties combined make cloudberry a phenomenal anti-aging ingredient. 

Have you heard of the amazing skin benefits of cloudberry before? Let us know in the comments below! 

– Undone Beauty

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