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Are you a makeup enthusiast tired of your overflowing makeup bag? The endless beauty products you don’t even use, that broken powder foundation that covers every piece of makeup you own… it’s overwhelming. 

 But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. An improved, easier way to do your makeup— the minimalist way. We’re here to show you how to take a plain, natural makeup look and make it bright and fun. 

Follow our ultimate tips to bring a pop of color into your minimalist makeup— without overdoing it. 

Slay Your Minimalist Makeup Look With a Fun Pop of Color. Here’s How: 

A minimalist makeup look doesn’t have to be boring and lifeless. There is something uplifting about feeling confident in your own skin— and adding a pop of color to your makeup brings that feeling to life. 

The ultimate way to do this is by adding a pop of color to a single feature of your face— like your face, eyes or lips. The rest of your face stays muted or natural-looking to ensure the “pop of color” gets all the attention. 

Quick, easy, and mood-boosting. 

Follow these simple tips to give your minimalist makeup look a boost: 

  • Enhance Your Look With a Pop of Color to Your Lips 

Minimalist Makeup Light On Lip Pink Lipstick
Woman wearing clean and vegan Light On Lip Lipstick

An easy, quick way to upgrade your look (and your mood!) is by giving life to your lips. It instantly brightens up your face and requires minimal effort. Here’s how we do it at Undone Beauty: 

  1. Using the Light on Lip Lipstick, choose your favorite color, and apply it to your lips. The volume-enhancing pigment is ideal for perfectly shaped lips. 
  2. For a long-lasting, glossy finish, layer up your lips with our Life Lip Balm—and now you’re picture-ready! 

Undone tip: Take advantage of the buildable formula of our Light on Lip Lipstick and layer up your lips for the ultimate pop of color on your lips. 

Clean and Vegan Pop of Color
  • Light-up Your Face With Cream Blush and Water-Bronzer

Blush is a miracle worker, bringing immediate life into your face. Simply adding some color to your cheeks is enough to achieve a minimalist makeup look. And here we’ll tell you how to do it. 

  1. Using our Lip-to-Cheek Palette, apply the intense opacity to your cheeks to take full advantage of the pop of color. Blend it in using your fingers or favorite brush — and ready! A dewy, natural finish is that easy. Plus you can choose from the sheer, medium, or intense opacity, all in a single product. For a full tutorial on our best-seller Lip-to-Cheek Palette, click here. 
  2. If you’re going for a glowing tan, our water bronzer is your gal. Use it as blush or for a minimalist contour you’ll love. Its versatile color works on your face, body, and as eye pigment. 

For a full tutorial on how to do a minimalist contour with our innovative Water Bronzer, click here. 

Undone tip: Use the Lip-to-Cheek Palette on your cheeks + lips for a natural makeup look. 

Minimalist Makeup
Minimalist Makeup
  • Level up Your Look With a Touch of Color on Your Eyes

The best way to go from zero to hero is by bringing the attention to your eyes— and what better way to do it than with our super versatile Curator Palette or our 4-in-1 Bronzer Palette. Here’s how: 

  • Choose your favorite high-pigmented color in the palette, and using your favorite brush apply it to your eyes. Whether you want a natural or a smokey makeup look, our multi-use palette has it all.
Undone Tip: Dip a brush into some water and use your favorite color as liquid eyeliner. Talk about multitasking! 
  • A whole look in one product. Use our cult-classic 4-in-1 Warm-Up Bronzer Palette to create a quick minimalist makeup look. Our bronzer doubles as eye pigment, simply apply your favorite shade into your lids using a brush or fingers and done. A touch of color is that easy. 

Undone tip: Use the lighter tones on the Curator Palette, or the 4-in1 Bronzer Palette and use it underneath your brows for an instant glow. 

Monochromatic makeup look using 4-in-1 Warm Up Bronzer

While we love the no-makeup makeup look, we love spicing it up as well. And adding a pop of color to your makeup is the perfect mix of minimalist and fabulous— without overdoing it. 

Ready to boost your minimalist makeup with a pop of color? We crafted the ideal makeup bag for this (and every occasion). A whole lot of looks poured into just a few products— like it should be. 

Join us in decluttering your makeup bag and making the best of what you have. This is what a minimalist makeup bag looks like. 

What’s in Undone’s Minimalist Makeup Bag? 

You should feel confident using the cosmetics you have in your makeup bag— not overwhelmed. And having a minimalistic makeup bag allows you to do just that.

Plus our makeup bag is filled with cosmetics that add a pop of color (and fun!) into your makeup routine. 

Ready to upgrade your makeup look? These are our must-have products for a multifunctional makeup bag. 

Barely-there Unfoundation. Our liquid foundation is a must for a natural, minimalist makeup look. Its light coverage blurs your imperfections without hiding your natural facial features. Plus, it’s made with coconut extract and tea tree oil, for makeup + skincare.   

Lip-to-Cheek Cream Blush. Our cream blush takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. Ideal for cheeks and lips, we poured a whole look into one product. Achieve an effortlessly natural, dewy glow with our coconut-extract-infused cream blush.

Water Bronzer. Have you heard of a minimalist contour? We didn’t think so. But our innovative water-based bronzer makes it possible (and easy). Its unique formula gives you a sun-kissed tan and a barely-there contour. Plus you can use it on your eyes too. 

Curator Palette. Whether you’re going for a “no makeup” makeup look, or a date night smoky eye, this versatile palette covers it all. Made with castor oil to nourish your skin, our palette works wet or dry for a matte or shimmery finish. 

Light on Lip. Our high-pigmented lipstick naturally enhances your lips, adding volume, and highlighting the shape of your lips. Made with an ultra-hydrating formula, it’s a must-have in all minimalist makeup bags. 

Life Lip Balm. Our smooth, moisturizing lip balm it’s ideal for glowing, sheer lips. But it’s also perfect for exfoliating and hydrating your lips. It’s made with natural shea, jojoba, and rosehip for a smooth finish + healthy lips. 

Seven products and a whole lot of makeup looks! And the best of all? All of our products are clean-crafted, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan friendly. So you do your makeup with peace of mind. 

Stay tuned to our blog for more tutorials and tips on how to make the best out of your minimalist makeup. 

Shop our multi-functional collection here. 

Also, find us on Amazon and Target (online and at selected stores). 

– Undone Beauty 

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