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Clean beauty brands are filling up virtual and store-front shelves all over the world— but why is clean beauty so expensive? And how do we manage to make it clean and affordable? 

We’re about to reveal the secret behind Undone’s affordable luxury. Stick around to find out. 

Not sure what clean, vegan, and cruelty-free means? Check out this blog to learn more! 

Why Do We Craft Vegan, Clean, & Cruelty-Free Makeup?

Undone Beauty was born out of breaking the rules. We undid everything we knew about the beauty industry and created our own rules. 

We wanted high-quality makeup with clean ingredients at an affordable price. We wanted to shop with peace of mind, knowing no animals were harmed in the production of our products. 

The problem? We couldn’t find all these qualities in a single makeup brand without breaking the bank. 

So we got to work… And at last, Undone Beauty was born. A new and improved way to do your makeup. 

No harmful chemicals. No hefty markups. No messy makeup bags. No cruelty. Premium quality ingredients— that’s Undone. 

Plus, you get affordable prices and multitasking, minimalist makeup products you use over and over again. 

Affordable Clean Makeup? Here’s Our Secret to Making it Happen! 

Clean makeup ingredients coconut and aloe

High-quality, clean makeup doesn’t have to be a luxury only a few can afford. Not at Undone Beauty. We strive to give you more for less: 

  • More clean, natural, skincare ingredients in every product. 
  • More tasks solved with fewer products. 
  • Top-notch quality without breaking the bank. 

With Undone, you get widely-accepted ingredients in your makeup without the hefty markup. We make it possible by buying top-quality ingredients at scale and using them across our entire line. 

We don’t hop on the “trend train” and switch our ingredients with every new fad. Instead, we stand behind the quality and efficacy of our ingredients. And we stick with them.

This means you get proven skincare ingredients with your makeup— think coconut extract, rosehip, castor oil, shea, aloe, and more. 

Using our approach to clean beauty, you enjoy elite products at an affordable price. 

Ready to Embark on a Clean Beauty Journey? Check Out Our Latest Launches: 

Following the same philosophy that characterizes Undone Beauty— infusing makeup & skincare at an affordable price— we crafted these 5 new launches:

Woman filling and fluffing brows with Flawlush Brow.

New Flawlush Brow with precision tip pen.

1. Show off Impeccable Brows with our Flawlush Brow: 

    Struggling to achieve your dream brows? Fear no more. Our 2-in-1 Brow Duo is here to save the day. This first-of-its-kind duo with a micropen and spoolie allows you to fill and fluff your brows perfectly. 

    The precision tip pen gives you a microblading look without the trip to the salon. Plus, it’s made with castor oil for thicker and longer brows. 

    New Indielash Mascara with innovative brush.

    2. Level up Your Lash Game With Our Indielash Mascara: 

      Undo cramped, spider leg lashes with our innovative Indielash mascara— the first of its kind. 

      The 4-way brush separates and builds each lash from root to tip, giving you a natural, lush look. And of course, made with castor oil for long, healthy lashes. 

      The light-weight, buildable formula is ideal for everyday wear… think of it as your Zoom call secret weapon to beat tired eyes. 

      Big Poppa Gloss non-sticky and moisturizing lip gloss.

      3. Fall in Love With Our Mess-Free Big Poppa Gloss: 

        Lip gloss doesn’t have to be a sticky mess that ruins your hair on a windy day— we undid that with our non-sticky, ultra-moisturizing lip gloss. 

        Made with cloudberry seed extract to nourish your lips and long-lasting pigments, our gloss-balm hybrid is a must in your makeup bag. 

        Undone Tip: Use our vegan Lip Life Balm to exfoliate your lips before applying the gloss to create a fuller pout. 

        Audrey from Undone Beauty wearing Unfoundation Matte Tint.

        Unfoundation Matte Tint with proven skincare ingredients on neutral background.

        4. Master the No-Makeup Makeup Look With Our Unfoundation Matte Tint

          Introducing a new, improved formula for our fan-fave foundation. 

          Made with tea tree oil + coconut extract, our matte tint foundation absorbs oil, giving you a natural-looking makeup look you’ll love! 

          Undo clogged pores and overdone makeup looks with our barely-there Unfoundation Matte Tint.  

          Water Highlighter on neutral background with formula swatch.

          5. Achieve a Dewy Glow With Our Water Highlighter

            Undo unblendable highlighters and expensive brushes. 

            Our innovative water-technology highlighter gives you a sheer, glossy finish without overdoing it. Easy to use, ultra-wearable, and made with coconut water for an added glow. Talk about an affordable luxury! 

            Undone tip: Want some extra flare on your look? Swipe the highlighter on your eyelids for a sheer glow. 

            Like all our products, our exciting new launches are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made with proven skincare ingredients. 

            But quality and price are not our only priorities. We wanted to bring something different to the table— a new approach to makeup.

            Unlock Your Inner Minimalist, Multitasker with Undone Beauty.

            Audrey from Undone Beauty in minimalist makeup look showing her tattoo.

            Who has the time to use 20 different beauty products while rushing in the morning? 

            You’re always hustling... pursuing success, parenting, studying, working. You need products that keep up with your busy lifestyle. Makeup allowing you to look your best without spending 2 hours by the mirror. 

            Our one-of-a-kind approach to makeup is the answer to your plea. No more stuffy makeup bags. No more over-done looks. No more waking up an hour earlier to do your makeup—  we undid that by crafting multi-functional products that solve more than one task.

            Blush you can use as lipstick… check. Multi-use makeup brushes… check. And the list goes on! We pour entire looks into single multitasking products. 

            Our products are for the multitasker, minimalistic you, who wants makeup that can keep up. This is why our products always solve more than one task— so you look stunning in no time. 

            Say no to stuffy makeup bags. Say yes to Undone Beauty. 

            Shop our multi-functional collection here. 

            Also, find us on Amazon and Target (online and at selected stores). 

            – Undone Beauty


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