The perfect cat eye makeup look is one of the hardest beauty looks to master. Yet, this timeless and classic makeup is a must. To achieve a perfect cat eye look, the right tutorial and makeup + brushes are necessary—and you’ll find them all here. These are the basics you’ll need:

Angled Cat Eye Brush: Our brush has a one of a kind wing-shape. This innovative shape makes our cat eye brush easy to use while giving you an effortless, sleek look. Perfection + precision has never been easier. 

3 in 1 Cream Eye Palette: A basic for every woman’s makeup bag. You’ll get primer, eyeshadow & liner, all in one. With our long-wear high pigment formula, you’ll look flawless for hours on end. No bulk, no fuss! 

Laze Lash Glaze Mascara: A must-have to level-up your cat eye game. Our lightweight mascara with a curved brush gives you the perfect everyday look.

This Tutorial: The only one you’ll need to master a natural cat eye look.

    The beauty of the cat eye look is that you can show it off on any occasion. During the day for a natural yet flawless look, or at night for an eye-catching, feline look. 

    Master your cat eye makeup look! Follow this simple tutorial for a natural look, and to ensure perfectly lined eyes every time

    1. Craft a Perfect Base

    From your 3 in 1 Cream Eye Palette, take the primer and gently pat it onto your eyelid using your fingertip. Patting warms the product for seamless blending onto the skin and prevents feathering. This also creates a natural sheen base for your look.

    Undone Beauty 3-In-1 Eye Palette

    2. Make it Smoky 

    Now, take the high pigment eyeshadow and apply it to the top of your eyelids. Using your fingertip or a brush, blend it with the primer. 

    Pro-tip: Enhance your look! Apply the primer to your brow bone and the inner corners of your eye to make your eyes pop.  

    3. Shape the Perfect Cat Eye Look

    Take your Angled Cat Eye Brush and dip it in the high-intensity cream liner shade. Starting at the inner corner of your eye, gently drag your brush across your eye until you reach the end of your lashes. 

    Now, from the end of your lashes, angle the brush outwards and draw a line. Avoid drawing a horizontal line, instead, follow the natural curve of your eye. 

    Flawless Wing Tutorial

    Pro-tip: To master the minimalist cat eye look, make sure the angle of the line is going up and out towards the outer edge of your eyebrows. The perfect angle is about 45°. Using our brush allows for an easy application, giving you a sleek, effortless wing. 

    4. Give it Glamour 

    A perfect cat eye look goes hand in hand with perfect lashes. Finish your look by lightly combing your lashes with our Laze Lash Glaze Mascara. Its curved brush gives you evenly coated + perfectly separated lashes. 

    Ready! Go show off your minimalistic cat eye makeup look.  

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    – Undone Beauty


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