Applying eyeliner is a key part of any makeup look, and doing it right either makes or breaks your makeup. But mastering how to apply eyeliner isn’t easy. To do it like a professional you need practice, patience, and most importantly, the best eyeliner out there. 

Whether you like your eye makeup winged or flicked, here you’ll find the best tips to help you apply eyeliner perfectly every time. To have perfectly lined eyes, you need...

The Best Precision Eyeliner

Lucky for you, we have it at Undone Beauty. With our multitasking Unscripted Instant Liner, you don’t need to be a makeup artist to line your eyes like an expert. You just need our liner: 

Pros: Our eyeliner is smudge-proof perfection with long-lasting wear. The felt-tip pen has a 3-way precision tip, allowing you to easily apply eyeliner (without the fuss). You also get an easy-to-apply stamp for an effortless yet beautiful wing. 

Cons: Still looking for some... (check our reviews for proof).

How to Apply Eyeliner With Our Precision Tip Liner

Undo your crooked eyeliner and use these tips to achieve an impeccable look. 

1. Angle Your Liner + Stamp 

    Tired of trying to master the cat eye look? This is the quick fix you’ve been looking for. Grab your liner, angle it towards your temple, and gently stamp at the end of your lashes. 

    The stamp gives you a quick but flawless wing, so you can finally make peace with your eyeliner. 

    How to apply the Unscripted Eyeliner

    2. Line Your Lashes

      With the pointed tip of the pen, gently line your lashes, starting at the inner corner of your eye, until you reach the end of your lashes. 

      If you have monolids and your eyeliner hides when you open your eyes, draw a ticker line on your lash line. This helps the eyeliner show and gives you perfectly lined eyes. 

      Undone tip: For extra stability, and to master how to line your eyes, rest your pinky on your cheek as you go. You’ll love the results! 

      Eyeliner application with Unscripted Eyeliner

      Undone Beauty Unscripted Eyeliner


      3. Finish Off Your Look! 

        You already mastered how to put on your eyeliner, now, to emphasize your look, top it off with your Laze Lash Glaze Mascara and you’re done.

        A quick, flawless makeup done in a couple of minutes.  That’s what Undone it’s all about. 

        Woman with eyes closer wearing Unscripted Eyeliner

        How We Do Things At Undone Beauty

        At Undone Beauty we undid everything you know about makeup. We do things differently, with unretouched models and multi-benefit products,  we don’t settle for just makeup. Our handcrafted, ultra-wearable formulas are made for the minimalist, multitasking you— who wants the best for less. 

        What Are The Major Benefits of Undone Beauty? 

        Skincare + Makeup: Our products are an affordable luxury. We use only proven and trusted skin care ingredients— think jojoba extract, tea tree oil, aloe vera, and more. All starting at just $7.00.

        Minimalist beauty, major benefits: Your cramped makeup bag with products you don’t use is a thing of the past. You’re always on the go, so we made your makeup routine easier. With our minimalistic, multi-tasker approach to beauty products, you enhance your natural beauty with fewer products. More for less. 

        We care about you + the planet: Don’t worry about harsh chemicals and animal cruelty. Our products are clean, non-toxic, vegan friendly, and never ever tested on animals, so you can shop without a worry. 

        Turn your makeup routine into a bliss— shop our collection here. 

        – Undone Beauty

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