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We often brag about the skincare ingredients used in our makeup—  and this blog is no exception. We’re highlighting a star ingredient in our collection: castor oil. This nourishing oil has exceptional benefits for your skin and hair— which is why we use it. 

Stick around to learn more about this wonderful oil, its benefits, and our fan-fave products crafted with castor oil. But first, let’s cover a basic question…

What is Castor Oil? 

Castor oil is a nutrient-rich vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. Originating in East Africa,  castor oil dates back thousands of years. Some say Cleopatra used castor oil as a prime ingredient in her beauty routine

We tapped into this under-the-radar vegan cosmetic ingredient because it’s a long-chain fatty acid with many note-worthy properties. Or in more scientific terms:  it’s loaded with fatty acids like ricinoleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid. ¹

In particular, the ricinoleic acid in castor oil is what gives it ultra-moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

The Most Alluring Benefits of Castor Oil 

1. Elevate Your Brow + Lash Look with Castor Oil

    One of the main benefits of castor oil— and the reason why supposedly Cleopatra used it— is to stimulate hair growth. Its moisturizing properties help in nourishing and thickening hair while also promoting growth. ²

    At Undone, we tapped into these amazing properties to give you high-quality beauty products with real benefits. Our mascaras, eyeshadows, and brow products feature castor oil, so you’ll nourish your brows + lashes while wearing our makeup. 

    It’s all part of our minimalist ethos of using fewer products that do more. 

    2. It’s a Must-Have For Skin Moisturizing 

      The fatty acids present in castor oil make it the secret weapon your beauty arsenal was waiting for. The fats act as humectants, which retain moisture and promote hydration in your skin. ³

      Castor oil is a super effective moisturizer and if you’re prone to acne, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions, castor oil is ideal for you. And so is our makeup! 

      Skincare ingredients and multi-tasking products— that’s what you get with Undone Beauty. 

      3. Castor Oil Reduces Inflammation— Goodbye Puffy Eyes! 

      Another top-rated benefit of castor oil is its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The fatty acids in it act as humectants but they also reduce inflammation. This amazing property makes castor oil a must-have to kiss your puffy eyes goodbye. 

      Although there is no scientific evidence, there is enough anecdotal evidence to prove that castor oil is also a miracle worker for dark circles.

      Meet Our Cult-Classic Products Featuring Castor Oil 

      Now that you know about the wonders of castor oil, we’re introducing you to our products featuring it. These products are simple, yet innovative for a multi-tasking, minimalist makeup routine (and they’re infused with castor oil for skin and hair benefits). 

      Undone Beauty staff member wearing Flawlush Brow

      1. Flawlush Brow:

      Our new Flawlush Brow is about to save you a trip to the microblading salon. The 2 in 1 fill & fluff micropen is the problem-solving brow product you’ve been waiting for. The micropen lets you build up thicker and fuller brows. Plus, the long-lasting gel tint stays put all day. 

      The Flawlush Brow is crafted with castor oil to prompt hair growth (hello, fuller brows!). Plus, it makes achieving a perfectly lush brow easy and affordable. 

      Just like all our cosmetics, these products are cruelty, paraben, and gluten-free. Plus they’re vegan and made with skincare ingredients— so you look your best while caring for your skin. 

      2. Indielash Mascara:

      Undone Beauty Indielash Mascara with special wand on white background

      Our first-of-its-kind Indielash Mascara is about to elevate your lash game. Its skincare ingredient, castor oil, nourishes your lashes by helping you keep them long and healthy. Plus the 4-way precision tip separates and builds each lash from root to tip, for an enhanced, lush look. 

      The lightweight, buildable formula makes our Indielash Mascara an all-time favorite for your everyday makeup routine. 

      3. Laze Lash Glaze Mascara:

      Undo spider lashes and clumpy mascaras— our Laze Lash Glaze Mascara is here to save the day. With a perfectly curved brush and a lightweight serum formula, our mascara is the best partner in crime for voluminous lashes. 

      The buildable formula nourishes your lashes and gives you a clump-free look you’ll love! 

      4. Curator Eye Palette:

      Undone Beauty staff member wearing the Curator Eye Palette eyeshadow

      Our Curator Palette is a collection of ultra-wearable colors and endless looks. Forget about those space-taking palettes full of colors you don’t use. Our multi-tasking palette has all the essentials you need. 

      Its versatile wet to dry formula allows you to use it as eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, or highlighter— all in a single multi-functional palette. Plus, the castor oil nourishes and conditions your lids and lashes. 

      5. Holographic Mascara:

      Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind mascara— one that boosts your lash looks to a whole new level? Well, you’ve found it. This light-reflecting mascara is unique at its very core. 

      It’s crafted with castor oil for lash nourishment but also with light-reflecting pigments to add dimension and bring your look to life. Our Holographic Mascara is about to be your new go-to. 

      Say no to harmful chemical ingredients. Say yes to Undone Beauty. 

      Shop our multi-tasking collection here. 

      Also, find us on Amazon and Target (online and at selected stores).





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