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Spring is filling up the air and the dry, cold winter is finally coming to an end. But is your skin embracing the spring or it still feeling dry & flaky? 

Wintertime creates mayhem in our skin— drying it like a raisin. But with warmer weather (and the right cosmetics), your skin restores its natural glow. And we’re here to share an amazing ingredient proven to help your skin embrace the spring: Tea tree oil. 

Tea tree oil is widely known for the amazing benefits it has on your skin. And that’s why it’s one of the prime ingredients in our Unfoundation. Here we’re sharing with you some of these great benefits— keep reading to learn more! 


Woman with dark skin laughing and wearing Undone Beauty Unfoundation Matte Tint.

Why Do We Use Tea Tree Oil? 

A good makeup look starts with good skincare. At Undone, we wanted to give you a healthy mix of both— amazing makeup products made with skincare ingredients. And tea tree oil is one of those ingredients that has amazing benefits at an affordable price. 

Changing seasons are not the only thing taking a toll on your skin… makeup products loaded with harmful ingredients do too. From clogged pores to dry skin, sometimes makeup does more harm than good.¹ But this doesn’t mean all makeup is bad. 

Our makeup is crafted with clean, skincare ingredients— and that’s a top priority at Undone. You get the radiant makeup look you love without harming your skin. And by using makeup with trusted skin care ingredients, like tea tree oil, you get even more benefits out of your makeup.


Woman with light skin smiling and wearing Undone Beauty Unfoundation Matte Tint.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil on Your Skin 

Tea tree oil is a simple yet powerful ingredient. And it has plenty of skin-boosting benefits. We tapped into these alluring benefits to bring you a foundation that actually helps your skin. 

These are the top benefits of Tea Tree Oil: 

1. Helps Control Oily Skin

Tea tree oil has incredible antiseptic properties, which help control oil on your skin without drying it. No more excessive shine and breakouts— a study proved that using tea tree oil on your face reduces oiliness. ²

We infused tea tree oil in our Unfoundation for all the right reasons— like keeping your skin radiant and healthy, not because of excess oil. 

2. Diminishes Acne Scars and Blemishes 

Thanks to its amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, tea tree oil is proven to help prevent and reduce blemishes. This makes it a popular choice to use as skincare… and one of the reasons why we use it in our formulation. ³

When using our Unfoundation, you fight acne while looking naturally radiant! 

3. Soothes Itching and Dryness 

Dry, itchy skin? Psoriasis or Eczema? Tea tree oil is about to change your life (and skin!). Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe and heal your skin, easing itchiness, dryness, swelling, etc. 

It’s a trusted ingredient to fight skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Plus it hydrates your skin— giving you a smooth, glowing look.


Group of Undone Beauty Unfoundation Matte Tint on beige background.

The 1st Step to a Great Makeup Look: Unfoundation 

Want to give your makeup bag a boost of clean makeup products while enjoying all the benefits of tea tree oil? Here’s what you’ve been looking for: 

Unfoundation Matte Tint 

    Our Unfoundation is your best friend when it comes to makeup + skincare. Its formulation has the right amount of tea tree oil to help you keep healthy skin. Plus, the barely-there coverage and super-light formula give you a glowing natural-looking makeup look. 

    Our Unfoundation is the perfect addition to your spring makeup. And it’s always:

    • Non-comedogenic, meaning it never clogs your pores 
    • Vegan & cruelty-free! 
    • Clean crafted with skincare ingredients 
    • Paraben + gluten-free! 

    – Undone Beauty

    Calling all Minimalist Makeup Lovers— Undone is For You… Here’s Why

    Undone Beauty is a one-of-a-kind makeup collection. And our top priority is you—  That’s why we craft cosmetics with you in mind… 

    You wanted makeup without all the chemicals and fillers…  We use clean skincare ingredients in all our formulations. You wanted top-notch makeup without breaking the bank, so we made all our collections super affordable (without risking quality, of course!). 

    You wanted a mess-free makeup bag... We created an innovative, multitasking set of products that solve more than one task. 

    And at Undone we stand behind our makeup. That’s why you get a warranty when you shop for our minimalist makeup collection. Love it or it’s free— it’s that simple (with free returns, obviously). 

    Shop for our tea tree oil-infused foundation here. 

    Find our minimalist beauty products at Ulta & Target (online and at selected stores) and on Amazon and Undone Beauty.


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