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Water is an essential part of our lives and a key ingredient in our beauty collection. It’s a highly effective solvent, meaning it helps other skincare ingredients blend well together— boosting their properties. 

But as essential as water is, it’s a highly underrated ingredient when it comes to makeup and skincare. The pure water we use is free of toxins and pollutants, plus it‘s super natural. These characteristics make it a powerful ingredient for makeup— and we took advantage of it. 

Stick around to learn the unique traits of our water-technology products, plus the benefits of using water-based makeup products every day. 

Top Benefits of Our Water-Technology Makeup Products. 

There is a reason why we chose to embrace water as a prime ingredient. Water is gentle on the skin— and an ideal ingredient if you’re prone to breakouts. It also helps moisture-giving ingredients, like coconut extract, by boosting their efficacy. 

This means our water-based products have major skincare qualities.

The water-based technology makes our products super easy to blend into your skin— giving you a mess-free makeup look. Plus they’re ultra-hydrating and nourishing, as they’re easily absorbed into your skin. 

If you’re tired of streaky tans and messy highlighters, our water-based products are ideal for you. And the multi-tasking nature of our products allows you to solve different tasks with a single product. 

Meet Our Water-Based Technology Products:

These two multi-tasking products are a must-have to achieve a natural, glowy makeup look. And the water technology turns your makeup routine into a mess-free breeze. 

Introducing The Only Highlighter You’ll Ever Need

Water based makeup and Undone Beauty highlighter

Our water highlighter is a glowy dream come true. The water-based technology gives you an ultra-blendable highlighter stick. It softly melts into your skin, giving you an unmatchable natural glow, ideal for your everyday makeup look. 

Its natural skincare ingredients include coconut water for an added glow and ultra-hydrated skin. The smooth formula of our water highlighter is non-comedogenic, meaning it never clogs your pores. Plus it’s vegan and cruelty-free like all of our products. 

Undo unblendable highlighters and expensive brushes— get our water highlighter here. 

The Ultimate Water-Technology Bronzer

Multiple Undone Beauty Water Bronzers on a white background with water splashing

Undo streaky tans and overwhelming contours— with our water bronzer stick achieving a mess-free tan is child’s play. It’s ultra-blendable and the water technology nourishes and hydrates your skin, which is key for a natural-looking tan.

It’s skincare ingredients include coconut water for healthy, glowing skin. Plus, the water technology gives you a mistake-free tan with a long-lasting glow you’ll love. This multi-tasking bronzer looks flawless on your body too— for a perfect tan all year round. 

Check out our tutorial for a perfect minimalist contour using the water-bronzer here. 

Why Did We Choose to Use Water as a Signature Ingredient? 

Water is an underrated ingredient in the beauty world. It makes up 60% of the human body and it’s essential for life— but it’s also essential for healthy-looking skin. 

Our water-based technology has a skin-refreshing feelideal to fight dry skin in the winter months. But it’s also hydrating and cool for those hot, sticky summer days. Basically, it’s a year-round must-have 😉.

Water also complements other skincare ingredients by boosting penetration and absorption. Plus it enhances the buildable and light-weight feel of products— ideal for the barely-there makeup look you love. 

– Undone Beauty 

The Perks of Undone Beauty

Undone is not your typical beauty brand. We undid everything we knew about makeup and created a one-of-a-kind collection— with the successful, on-the-go women in mind. 

You’re tired of overpriced makeup, overdone looks, and overflowing makeup bags. We get it— and honestly... we were tired of it too. So we got to work and created Undone Beauty. 

A multitasking, minimalist makeup brand breaking all the beauty-industry rules. And here’s what makes us stand out: 

Ready to start the year loving your minimalist makeup routine? Shop our collection here. 

You can also find us on Amazon and Target (online and at selected stores). 


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