Undone Beauty Indielash Mascara and unique wand

From patented brushes to one-of-a-kind applicators, our products are loaded with innovation and unique features. Effective, multipurpose, and affordable is our motto when designing brushes, applicators, and all of our products. 

Here we’re sharing with you what makes our makeup applicators stand out. Plus some tips to make the best of your brushes and cosmetics, so you take full advantage of their benefits. 

What Makes Our Applicators Unique And How Do They Enhance Your Makeup? 

Our unique applicators didn’t happen by accident. We carefully crafted and innovated every detail in all the products in our collection, so you can enjoy all of their benefits. These are some of the unique features our multitasking makeup products have: 

1. Unscripted Liner

Struggling to get your eyeliner straight and even? We know the feeling. Eyeliner boosts your entire makeup look, but why does it require so much skill (and a steady hand)? Our innovative Unscripted Liner undid that. 

Undone Beauty Unscripted Eyeliner and model creating a cat eye look

What Makes Our Unscripted Liner Unique? 

The 3-sided precision tip in our liner makes it a one-of-a-kind product. This ultra-light, innovative pen makes putting on eyeliner a breeze. The felt tip on the pen makes application quick & easy. Plus it has a stamp for a perfectly even cat-eye look. 

The 3-way precision tip lets you draw thick or thin lines, plus an always-even winged eyed. With the smudge-free formulation (yes, it stays on all day), and the innovative precision tip, eyeliner is a piece of cake.

2. Flawlush Brow

Our Flawlush Brow is about to change the way you do your brows forever. Forget overdone brows and expensive trips to the salon— our 2-in-1 fill and fluff brow duo is here to save the day. 

Undone Beauty Flawlush Brow and multipurpose fill and fluff brow applicators.

What Makes Our Flawlush Brow Unique?

The 2 sided applicator allows you to fluff & fill hair by hair to create a perfect brow shape. The spoolie brush helps you define and shape your brows. Plus it comes with a long-wear gel that holds its shape all day long. The formulation uses skincare ingredients like castor oil, to nourish and condition your brows. 

Finally, you get to have your dream brows at an affordable price! 

3. Big Poppa Gloss

Forget about the sticky mess of traditional lip gloss. We undid that with our super-light, ultra-moisturizing lip gloss. The extra large applicator gives you full coverage and makes application effortless. 

 Never sticky. Never messy. Always smooth. 

undone Beauty Big Poppa Lip Gloss and super-sized applicator wand.

What Makes Our Big Poppa Gloss Unique? 

Our Big Poppa Lip Gloss features a super-sized applicator— making the application super easy and improving coverage. The never-sticky formulation uses cloudberry extract oil for hydrated, nourished lips, adding the perfect pop of glow to your lips. 

  1. Indielash Mascara

Why is achieving lush, beautiful lashes such a high-risk mission? Undo spider lashes forever with our incredible Indielash Mascara— the first of its kind. 

What Makes Our Indielash Mascara Unique? 

The 4-way brush separates & builds every single lash from the root to the top. And the buildable gel gives your lashes volume and length. The Indielash formula is lightweight to avoid spider-looking lashes and infused with castor oil to boost lashes growth. Plus, the pointed head lets you give those final touches to hard-to-reach areas— like the inner corner of your eye. 

Achieve those dreamy lashes with our Indielash Mascara! 

What Makes Undone Beauty Unique? 

Our applicators are one of the things making our brand unique and original. But that’s not it. At Undone Beauty, we strive to give you innovation and quality in every product and formulation. That’s why our minimalist makeup collection is always: 

Vegan + Cruelty-Free.

Our products and the ingredients used in the formulations are never tested on animals. And yes, we’re cruelty-free certified! 

Clean, Skincare Ingredients

 We don’t settle for cheap ingredients, fillers, and harmful chemicals. Our formulations are thoughtfully crafted with proven skincare ingredients, giving your skin a boost of nutrients in every use.

Multiuse and Multipurpose Products

Nobody needs hundreds of makeup products. Plus, messy makeup bags are a thing of the past. Our multitasking collection allows you to solve many tasks with a single product, simplifying your makeup routine. 

Affordable Quality, Always 

Why does clean, high-quality makeup have to be so expensive? We kept the quality products but erased the hefty markup of clean beauty— so you get the best of both worlds. How do we do it? Read about it here. 

Clean, multitasking beauty— love it or it’s free! 

Shop for our innovative collection here. 

Find our clean beauty products at Ulta & Target (online and at selected stores) and on Amazon and Undone Beauty. 


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